Tuesday 6/3/12 open/twitter thread

To think; five years ago we were told by the likes of the government’s $1200-odd per day chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery that man-made global warming would leave us in permanent drought thus necessitating, among other things, expensive desalination plants. Today we see near full dams and threats of flooding. Yep, Australia’s climate carrying on as it always has – “a land of drought and flooding rains”.

BER fallout continues: $16 billion “worth” of buildings (if, for example, you can count open-air sheds as buildings) that schools never wanted nor needed now suffer even more cost overruns – the schools can’t afford to maintain them. There goes another $40 million.

Professor Bunyip whose been covering the government’s news media inquiry with quite some zest links to the UK’s James Delingpole (yes, this disturbing inquiry is unsurprisingly receiving international attention) who rightly notes the Ministry of Truth would be a more accurate name for the proposed government-run News Media Council. Government controlling what should be a free press, a pillar of Democracy; what could go wrong? And remember, a good 86% of the “public” submissions to the inquiry were from apparatchik groups closely linked to the current government. Descriptors such as “brazen”, “obscene” and “farcical” barely do this so-called inquiry justice.

Ho hum. What else is happening?

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • March 6th, 2012

    We need a free press. We need debate. We need democracy.

    • What a fantastic advert! Thanks for sharing.

    • Puzzled
    • March 6th, 2012

    Hi bingbing
    Any idea what is going on at Bolt’s. The whole thing seems to just freeze (moderation wise) from about lunchtime every day. It’s hardly worth posting a comment (and I don’t post many anyway). I basically have a read before work, at lunch and later in the evening. Once upon a time there was discussion and debate but the updates are so rare that there is very little in the way of to and fro.

    Seems a terrible shame

    • I gave up on commenting there months ago because for whatever reason, they stopped putting mine up, even the most innocuous of quips. Quit taking it personally as it turned out that was happening to a bunch of (now former) regular commenters.

      Was just reading his blog, and TBH, hadn’t even noticed comments freezing up around noon. Didn’t notice because I don’t bother with the comments there anymore; just read the posts. Yes, for the reason stated in the above par but also exactly for the reasons you gave. There was once lively discussion – ah, the days when the global warming debate was still up for grabs. But now? As well as that freezing up you put me onto, the moderation had always been painfully slow. It sucked when a reply was finally done only to find out it was submitted five minutes after the last round of updates and you had to wait another three or four hours (and by then everyone had gone to bed).

      Also, arguably the size of Bolta’s blog became its Achilles Heel. Whatever reply one had made would invariably become lost in a sea of comments that over time, progressively became the domain moreso of trolls than those genuinely discussing or debating an issue.

      Catallaxy is now the goto place for robust discussion. Live commenting, looser language restrictions; it’s the next best thing to Old Tim Blair (which moved all too soon after I’d found it, waited, and was finally able to sign up). Heck, I wish I could get that going on a bit more here but alas, for whatever reason (probably a lack of ability, lol), haven’t quite been able to.

      • elsie
      • March 6th, 2012

      I gave up in January, after not scoring a comment, even the mildest one, posted for a few months. I tried changiong my name and e-mail addres, and got a few printed, but never could reply to anyone but it wasnt the same as it was in in the last few years, It is sad as Andrew can no longer boast about his huge number of hits. I like Twiiter now…I can tweet comments directly to Rob Oakeshott, and other pollies and various annoying media people. They may not read it but it makes me feel better.

      • Feel free to share your twitter name. 🙂

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