Wednesday 7/3/12 open/twitter thread

Look, it’s just over there on the right of screen. Yep, the twitter feed. A few goodies there. Serious, it’s almost 2AM. Do they all HAVE to be blogged? Try the twitter feed. Bet it’s easier than folks may fear.

Aside from that, anything else making the fingers itch?

PS Not as relevant for the Aussies who come here, but after months of hearing this and that about Obamacare, rhetoric flying everywhere from both sides, I stumbled across a series of YouTube vids which explain clearly what it is, who it will (and won’t) implicate and how, including the various costs and regulations (eek!) involved, plus other issues and possible alternatives. If you have the time, it’s well worth grabbing a cuppa and checking it out.

Here’s part one. The rest are easy enough to find from there.

It also points out how much of a shocker the similar Romneycare is. Have fun this Super Tuesday my American friends! 🙂

PPS If you only have a minute or two…

  1. Hi,
    I would but I don’t have a twitter account.

    Loved the 2nd video, sounds just like us here in OZ, seems powers that be from both countries think that the people are idots and the Government knows better.

    • There’s no need for a twitter account. The twitter feed on the right merely contains links to stories I found interesting. Those links are to regular websites, just like a blog link. Sometimes I chuck a comment in there, too.

      So what you see after most bullet points is a headline, an “http” link to the article, and then sometimes a short comment by yours truly.

      It simply allows me to place more content on the blog thus providing more things to comment on. Well, that’s the idea, anyway.

      I try to avoid blog posts that only contain one link. The twitter feed helps in this regard, and also when I’m otherwise disposed and/or pressed for time.

      • I didn’t really look, I just see twitter and I don’t worry about it because I haven’t got it, I will certainly have a closer look next time.

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