Joseph Kony: to stop or not to stop

So the KONY 2012 video has gone viral on YouTube, and at first glance seems pretty good.

It’s a social media campaign to have African warlord Joseph Kony, head of the LRA (Lord’s Resistence Army) captured and brought to justice before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity including the abduction of children to use as soldiers and sex slaves.

But any cursory web search turns up articles like this that brings the KONY 2012 campaign into question. Those questions largely stem from a poli sci student, Grant Oyston, who argued against KONY 2012 as an effective way to stop Joseph Kony. There are also concerns surrounding how the mob who made KONY 2012, Invisible Children, divvies up its finances.

And yes, reading many of the starry-eyed, moronic YouTube comments makes me want to kill a kitten.

However, IC has reponded to the various criticisms and frankly, they’ve done a pretty good job.

And they’re doing a decent job over in Africa, too, which anyone can see in almost-real time on this handy LRA crisis tracker.

Now, we can argue about why this guy and not the hundreds of other contenders, but the fact is Kony is “it” right now. And it does always help that he’s on the top of the ICC’s most wanted list.

As IC states in part of their latest reponse to criticisms that actually were pretty valid:

We are advocating for the arrest of Joseph Kony so that he can be tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC) as a precedent for future war criminals. The goal of Kony 2012 is for the world to unite to see him arrested and prosecuted for his crimes against humanity.

So, overall? It’s a pretty good cause and people could do worse if they didn’t get behind it.

Apart from plugging it, will this blogger actually fork over some cash?

Maybe, I don’t know – and if I did, it’d be a private matter.

That said, stop Kony?


But by all means, click on the links above, hunt around Google, and decide for yourself.

  1. Hi,
    To be honest I am sick of seeing it. Every newspaper yesterday had this story in it, Andrews blog had this story in it, every 3rd blog I went to had this story in it, and now your blog as well. (sigh)

    I will say though that when I first saw the video I watched the whole lot right through, how many others even bothered.

    • LOL. You might notice a couple of tweets I sent about Kony in the sidebar.

      Can we redirect that solar flare so it just hits Kony? Yes we can!

      Kony causes global warming. Let’s take the b*stard out!

      And yes, I did watch the vid.

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