Thursday 8/3/12 open/twitter thread


The twitter feed on the right merely contains links to stories I found interesting. Those links are to regular websites, just like a blog link. Sometimes I chuck a comment in there, too, at the end.

So what you see after most bullet points is a headline, an “http” link to the article, and then sometimes a short comment by yours truly.

No need to be on twitter per se. So there’s every reason to check it out and chip in… either on twitter and/or right here.


Now before anyone gets all antsy that I never served, and before they get all antsy about military culture, this smacks of… no, I won’t say liberal princesses being just that, nor wannabe tough guy paper/internet warriors trying to sound like they’re cool…

Anyone who served? That’s the comment…

THE Australian Defence Force faces years of investigations into hundreds of allegations of violence and psychological abuse in its ranks, with some claims involving serious criminal offences.

The allegations cover events ranging from 1951 to last year and it is likely that some of the perpetrators are still serving in the ADF.

A national law firm’s initial review of more than 1000 complaints of abuse in the ADF has found that at least 775 were “plausible allegations of abuse”. Its recommendations for action include a possible royal commission, a national apology to victims and the likelihood of millions of dollars in compensation being paid.

I don’t know, but can’t help think the military is going a bit soft, is being forced a bit soft.

No wonder since the public – at least in media portrayals – has turned to mush.

  1. Hi,
    I clicked onto @Labor Fail in your twitter feed and it took me to a blank twitter page, now I want to read about the obvious and I’m sure I have a few words I would like to say about all this debt. 😀

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • March 8th, 2012

    I blame Numbers Boy.


    • Don’t remind me of him. Saw him the other day – at Catallaxy? – the bloke has issues.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • March 8th, 2012

    I am finding the Fairfax share saga holds some intrigue. Bolta has made a couple of remarks in posts over the past few days which leave me wondering what is to become of “The Age”. (ie. Will Bolta take over as Editor?)

    Given Rinehart has purchased a substantial stake in the ailing empire, Palmer has mused “if” he were to buy into Fairfax he would seek 15% and the fact I notice NAB has also taken its own shareholding to almost 9%; it is fair to say there is movement at the station and the word is being passed around.

    Whatever the murmurs; how much lower can the FXJ price go (currently at $0.75, down from well over $4); and for how long? The internal ideology is certainly flawed, ATM, but the brand and format has heaps of potential given the right set of hands to put things right. Rinehart has proven to be incredibly astute, so I am taking some notice.

    For this reason, I have had a quick visit to the bank today to put a couple of dollars into FJX shares. Hmmm, we’ll see if it amounts to anything. Others might like to consider some thought to the matter also. Just saying.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • March 8th, 2012

      PS. Disclaimer: Sean is just hedging bets here, so to speak. I am certainly no financial advisor and wouldn’t at all say people should follow my train of thought. What would I know? 😆 It’s just a gamble I am happy to make long term.

      • I don’t invest anymore – GFC near wiped me out (yes, Bolta, it DID happen) – but if I were to invest again, yeah, maybe a few FJX shares…

        But also uranium stock.

        If uranium stocks go up, you can thank me. If they go down, hey look, a unicorn!

  2. Hi, Here is a punch in the balls…..
    Did Sarah Palin really say, “you can actually see Russia, from land, here in Alaska”?

    Check this out…

    • A punch with what? A feather? Indeed, as your link correctly shows, all Palin ever stated was that from the furthermost out island from Alaska that is still US territory, that yes, on a good day, you can see the coastline of Russian territory… which you can.

      And she only said it as a metaphor insofar that there’s a lot of cooperation that can be achieved between Russia and the US, that they aren’t sworn enemies as they were in the past.

      That wrongly attributed Tina Fey “I can see Russia from my house” comment is up there with the story that Bush served the troops a plastic turkey.

      He didn’t. The turkey was real.


      • it is funny, and unfortunately true. But do you think every person has a duty to spend hours every day studying the details of politics, so that they could be informed and make a voting decision which was based on more accurate and informed views?

        hmm. Maybe… I guess that would make a real democracy… but most people dont give a damn about politics beyond the drama it creates… I dont think its worth the time personally, but maybe I am wrong, i dont know

        • It would be better if more people made the time, but I acknowledge this isn’t always possible with busy work and family commitments.

          That’s partly why so many on the Right lament the mainstream news media (apart from Fox) for not getting the facts out there properly.

          Inversely, that’s why the Left lament Fox.

          And with so many youngins getting their “news” mainly from John Stewart and his team of 20-odd writers, well…

          Sure he’s funny, but he’s also incredibly biased.

          Fun times.

          PS If you’re looking for someone funny from the Right – and I know it’s The.Burning.Issue – try Adam Carolla.

        • Related. Re people getting their news from Stewart or Bill Mahar etc.

  3. i like this guy Adam Carolla, he’s got good points and sense. Funny videos, thanks for sharing

    • No worries. It’s no fluke that he has the most downloaded podcast in the world.

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