An open letter to professor Robert Manne


Dear Professor Manne,

As a member of the Stolen Generations, I wish to use this public forum to personally thank you for taking the Fight for Truth and Social Justice and Sustainability to the irresponsible, dangerous, and juvenile likes of Tim Blair and his ill ilk.

That this misogynist, racist puppet of the Hate Media and Big Oil has the audacity to question, among other things, Freedom of Speech – which SHOULD be a privilege – and Truth Warriors such as yourself is clear indication of the general badness that our once great society is mired in currently.

As my adoptive father, Wen Bao, sagely noted before his untimely death due to a speeding motorist (the culprit has never been caught but forensic tests indicate paint found on his lifeless body came from a BMW M Coupe), it is no coincidence that nations such as the Great China are on the rise thanks in no small part to the fact its wise political masters had the moral fortitude to Do The Right Thing and take control over the lawless anarchy we witnessed in 1989.

Of course, the converse applies in our society.

When the utmost important matter of running a country falls on the behest of the shallow, ill-informed general populous – more akin to voting for the next vacuous Australian Idol – then your esteemed colleague, Clive Hamilton, is indeed correct when he proposes the necessary edict of a suspension of democracy.

In line with such wisdom, it is also logical to conclude that morally and intellectually superior elders such as yourself (this is no time to be humble; our grand children’s futures are at stake)  would be doing Humanity a gross disservice if you were not to take an active, if not presiding, role in the long-overdue News Media Council.

In plain English, and I apologise as it is my third language, give our political and intellectual elite the freedom to do their jobs properly. That’s what they’re paid to do and it’s high time we let them do it without the straitjackets we currently make them (and thus, YOU) wear.

Specifically, I would much rather receive the facts, and only the facts. And I see no better way of this being achieved – at least in part – than having a sage such as yourself finally bringing Truth to Power via means of overseeing the News Media Council.

For example, the gravitas espoused from Media Watch’s Jonathan Holmes, frankly, is far too ineffectual.

And the fact that 70 per cent of admittedly well-meaning citizens have been conned, used by the Mass Murdoch Malaise is telling and most disturbing.

Intellectual and societal Death by Freedom, if you will.

Yours reverently,



I am aware this comment is a little off-topic to the important specific truths you raise here however blogging etiquette on a Hate Site and the sensibilities of Blair’s Attack Automatons (BAA) is hardly important, not when the future of Humanity and our benevolent Mother Goddess is at stake.

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • March 10th, 2012

    In lieu of more cowbell:


    • Did someone say more cowbell?

      Spot. Find that more cowbell post. You know the one…

    • elsie
    • March 13th, 2012


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