Weekend open thread

Here’s one for yas.

Took the car down to the mechanic to have it checked out and, if necessary, fixed up before the mandatory biennial roadworthy test the government over here makes you do.

It’s an old car – Americans would know it as a beater – and the govt. is trying to get old cars off the road, you know, because of global warming.

Anyway, that’s not the point.

Lady bingbing and I took it down this morning. Problem is, Saturday mornings aren’t either of our… hmm, we’re not at our best on Saturday mornings, and the house keys are attached to the car keys, all of which went along with the car which was driven by one of the workers to a shop in the neighbouring city so it could be tested on specific equipment, tweaked if necessary, and then tested officially.

See where this is going?

Yep. We walked back to our apartment (took less than a minute; EVERYTHING is close by over here), fought and laughed our way up the steps, got to the door and…

Realised we’d locked ourselves out.

What to do?

Well, I had my ciggies on me, but apart from that, LBB’s keys were inside, both our phones were inside thus, how was the mechanic supposed to call me later to indicate the car was ready and/or call LBB to tell her any detailed info, and LBB had to get ready to go out, likely before the car was ready and we could get our keys back.

It’s 7 degrees at the moment – not ideal conditions for being outside for a couple of hours.

No worries.

We just walked around the corner to the locksmith’s who hopped on his bike along with his tattooed eyebrows and his kit and I shit you not, using a small generic key-looking thingy and a pick, unlocked the deadlock in five seconds tops.

The deadlock.

Less than five seconds.

Why do we bother having deadlocks when even a trained chimp can defeat them in less time than it takes to let off a decent fart?

Who are we protecting ourselves against? Other people who don’t give a rats about the inside of our hovels?

It certainly isn’t any deadbeat crims, nor chimpanzees with envy issues.


    • Sean of Deer Park
    • March 10th, 2012

    Locked myself out one night years ago. Called the locksmith to discover it was cheaper (and quicker) to put a brick through the window! 😆

    • Another reason why I live in Korea… 15,000 won or about 13 bucks Aussie. A bit disturbing though that he didn’t even check whether we were the actual residents.


      That said, the general lawlessness over here is most refreshing.

      BTW, the car passed with flying colours. Suck on that, ecotards. And before anyone laughs that my car sucks, it’s a question of priorities.

      Drive a nice new car, a car that’s driven about 20 minutes a day, so other people I don’t even know think better of me OR hold onto the cash and live in an awesome apartment, to be completed next September, that will have glorious hours spent in it.

      It’s funny. Most Koreans will drive a nice car but live in an absolute shithole…

    • Oops. LBB isn’t happy that I said “most Koreans”.

      OK. A significant number of Koreans….

        • J.M. Heinrichs
        • March 10th, 2012

        “Not all Koreans”?
        Because I can: the iPad 2012 is on its way chez moi.


    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • March 11th, 2012

    I always thought they were called dead locks because unless you leave a key in them (which kinda defeats the point) and your house catches on fire, you’ve about 30 seconds to recall where you left your keys, unlock at least two locks and vacate the premises.

    If you’re like me and spend 5 minutes looking for your keys every second day, at least it should reduce the price of a cremation.

    One upside of having a nice car and living in what most folks would describe as substandard accommodation (its a nice shithole), is that no one will ever come looking for the spare key I’ve got outside…

  1. Now i have told you locks only keep out honest people’
    Did the same thing in Naju again like you took 1 minute to open the apt door
    you idiot lol

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