I hope news-dot-com-dot-au doesn’t expect us to pay soon

Because, frankly, there simply isn’t much there that’s life shattering or stuff I need to know. Let’s take a look at what the Big Enticer, the front page, has to offer.

  • Drug deal gone bad – meh
  • New iPad still coming Friday (if I were interested, I’d check Apple)
  • Grandpa uses iPad as a chopping board (could probably find that at Daily Dawdle or FailBlog  – quick search, no, but 1000s of pics for free as opposed to one)
  • Gina Rinehart’s stoush with her daughter – meh
  • Cameron Diaz will be 39 forever – groan
  • Australia’s most wanted man has a gun – sort of want
  • Katter’s gay ad – anyone with a TV and YouTube could have put that up here
  • Offices/houses of the future – sort of want but then there’s wired.com, and the rest
  • Dominoes pizza is hiring thanks to increased sales from apps – any takers here?
  • Ski Oz or NZ – if I’m interested, I’ll check travel sites
  • Beyonce – see above
  • New Challenger footage – slow news day?
  • Pacific Blue flight – hmm, sort of want
  • Contraception to birth 90sec vid – the chances it was first published on News Ltd?
  • Harry Kewell and that Ben Roberts/Circle story being flogged to death
  • Cleaning up flood damage – just think about that for a moment
  • Israel/Gaza stoush – strategypage, DebkaFile much more meat and no anti-Israel bent
  • It’s hot in Perth – I don’t care

Seriously, that’s pretty much it; information I could find on hundreds of blogs and free news sites. And I find the opinions expressed here and at sites such as Catallaxy more than enough and equal to the task.

Sure, I’ll miss out on a bit, but not a lot.

As I said in an earlier comment, opinion drivers such as Andrew Bolt would likely make a killing if they set up their own, private blog (and podcast) and demanded something along the lines of as little as a $1 per year fee.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • March 12th, 2012

    Good heaven’s. Surely not? If they do (want money for News.con) I may start looking at Bigpond News. I’ve never looked at it to date. But it is part of my Bigpond package so would be useful for the weather (maybe).

    If things get really, really, bad; I may even venture over to ALPBC for some updates to laugh at and talk about. 😆

    Those points you listed certainly are a sad collection, BB. And not even some Malcolm Farr to ignore?

    • Bigpond news isn’t too bad, their articles are small, but good information, they also have video news that you can watch, it doesn’t get counted as usage either. 🙂

  1. Hi,
    I was just over at news.com.au and you are right there isn’t a great deal in there. But I was lucky and found what I wanted there for my post tomorrow. News.com.au basically just print what others have already printed, surely they wouldn’t put this behind a pay wall, it just wouldn’t make any sense. But then again you just never know, I think news.com.au would be finished if the powers that be decided to go that way.

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