Paywalls: where they’ve worked, where they might, and where they might not

Where a paywall seems to have worked, where it could, and where I can’t imagine how they’re going to pull it off…

I don’t think anybody really has a crystal ball on this one, but I reckon the Australian Finacial Review, the Australian, and the Herald Sun respectively.

Niche, semi-niche, tabloid.

National, national, local.

In case you missed it:

And in those three, yes, an overall tone that I{DON’T-HEART} paywalls, not after all this time without them and the once never dreamed of smorgasbord of news and opinion content to gleefully choose from.

*although there is a chance it could help some blogs…

  1. Online news was free until now because they’ve been counting every page view as a hit for any advertisement that happened to appear on the page – that’s how I understand it, anyhow. This was dodgy reasoning ten years ago, but now in the days of Adblock it’s plain laughable.
    News Ltd et al have bills to pay like everyone else. If they can’t convince advertisers that they’re getting their dollar’s worth, the alternative is to put the bite on readers.

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