She’s going down in a blaaaaaze o’ gory… Anna don’ wanna miss a thing

You can almost understand smear as a last resort tactic for an outgoing government that’s got nothing…soften the blow and all that. Fuck. What else can you do? Mime? Wear a pink top?

And in fairness, after 20-odd years, heck, even most dictatorships don’t last that long let alone a democratically elected mob.


But for then a federal government that claims it has everything, a relatively fresh federal government, to resort to smears every day because it can’t champion its own policies?

Oh, blah blah blah, Tony Abbott’s fault even though he ain’t the one in charge. I am. But it’s still his fault, nyeehhh.

Julia Gillard is 20 years ahead of her time.


Now just wait for the media and journalism academics at the universities to  – rightly – state this is a natural and healthy symptom of democracy.

The grind?

It was also a natural and healthy symptom of democracy when Joh/the Nationals were booted out in quite similar circumstances.

Yet, hmm, that wasn’t how they put it back then.

And it wasn’t how they put it years later. It was all Mr nNaaaaasypants!


Indeed, the next instalment of hit crime docu-drama Underbelly will indeed be about the Joh years, culminating in the Fitzgerald Inquiry, the sacking and jailing of the (Sir) Police Commissioner and Jack the Bagman.

Give it a few seasons, and surely it will be about the Goss/Beattie/Bligh establishment, Kevin Rudd as chief of staff, the Heiner Affair and all that jazz, too…


    • elsie
    • March 13th, 2012

    You beat me by a few seconds on Twitter, bingbing! Living in Brisbane is an utter pain at the moment. Every time I log into Ninemsn I have to watch a spider with Campbell Newman’s face scutter across the page, leaving a spider shadow across more allegations that he has spun a tangled web of evil. The mailbox just groans with disgusting ALP muck, and the LNP ads are a pathetic bland little postcard now and then.I do wish Newman would come up with some hard hits of his own instead of bleating about a” tired old Labor Government.”

    We had a worrying episode about a month ago with our 3 year old granddaughter being admitted to the Children’s ICU which is only under public admin, no private childrens’ intensive care in Brisbane (She is home and getting better thank heavens!) but some of the conditions were 3rd world. I saw for myself what Labor has done to the hospital system in QLD.

    If Anna Bligh wins on the 24th it will be a crime against humanity.

    • And the states blame the feds and the feds blame the states…

      Glad Elsie-mini-mini is fine now. 🙂

  1. Hi,
    Every Queensland election I think Labor is finally out the door, but no, people just keep on voting for them, they just can’t seem to help themselves. I am not getting my hopes up this time, and it would not surprise me at all if this mob won again. 😦

    • To be fair, for a while there back in the day, there wasn’t really any alternative to Labor. The “coalition” was a rabble for years.

      • I remember back in Beattie days when we had rolling blackouts because he was taking so much money out of the electricity that there was not enough left for infrastructure, he was then known as power point Pete.

        A lot of factories could not start up the machines in case they got a power cut, in those days the machines used to burn out. There was a lot of people that lost a lot of money, because they couldn’t go to work.

        I am sure others could of done a better job than Labor even in the early years, they have been and will continue to be dysfunctional.

        • Power point Pete. I remember that from back in the days when I wasn’t into politics so much. Thinking about it, I probably just bought the media line back then.

          • Wow good find. It really was a terrible time for a lot of people, but they just kept voting them in. Will QLD voters change, I doubt it very much. 😦

    • mabba
    • March 14th, 2012

    That Anna Blight retraction was just slipped into the news, no fanfare- I nearly missed it. Haven’t caught it anywhere else (tho it may be out there?). This should be blared from everywhere, front, stage & centre – even if for the wrong reason, just to stop her from going down in a defamation action. Notice the subtle contrasting niceness of Newman- he merely said,’Ding dong…’. We oldies know the rest of the quote from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ : ‘Ding dong, the witch is dead’. Smart man, not getting himself accused of sexism, vilification, gutter tactics, blaaaaah, all the stuff NEVER hurled at him…

    ps I’ve heard all the people being polled in favour of Kate Jones are young females- but then apparently Liebore have held Ashgrove for the last 30 years, so what hope?

    Hope the flood report swamps everything. Isn’t it due out on Fri?

    On a different note, Carr sounded pathetic trying to diss Abbott the ‘circus hypnotist’ – & to think, that would have been rehearsed! Worse than the mad uncle’s wedding speech- or should that be wake?

    • I’m not privy to every murmur in BrisVegas, but why the hell did Newman run in Ashgrove, a safe Labor seat full of overpaid concrete greenies and a place he doesn’t even live in?

        • Sean of Deer Park
        • March 14th, 2012

        Yeah. I can’t fathom that one either, Bingers. What on earth are they thinking up there (or down, depending where you are). Certainly, if he wins the seat, it will be a show of complete disaster and distress for the Left. Remember, Howard polled appallingly at times and managed to win, except for his last hurrah. So Mabba may be on to something when considering who gets questioned.

        I’m looking forward to this Qld election. It will be a very interesting contest. Nine more sleeps, I think?

        • Sean of Deer Park
        • March 14th, 2012

        Maybe Larry Pickering has it figured out? 😆


        Maaaate… I know you’re a likable effervescent little goblin but you are being used and you don’t know it.

        The LNP’s Seeney, Langbroek and Springborg are very boorish and unattractive to the electorate. So why wouldn’t they offer you, a popular mayor, the leadership? I mean you were a traditional Liberal.

        The only thing missing was a safe seat for you. But no-one agreed to give up ANY seat for you, let alone a safe seat. You were abandoned to try to wrest a difficult 7% swing from a popular, incumbent, Labor MLA.

        Did your ego allow you to overlook this con job, Campbell?
        Didn’t you realise you would be mercilessly attacked running as the alternative Premier? Didn’t you realise this was no soft-core mayoral election with its token niceties? Didn’t you twig, even when no seat at all was offered to you? Haven’t you noticed their knowing smirks?

        Now, LNP Leader-by-Default, that oaf, Jeff Seeney, struts around opening doors and lowering microphones for you with a stupid grin on his boof head. He and his cohorts would much rather you fail to win Ashgrove, and why wouldn’t they?

        The LNP cannot lose the election but you can lose Ashgrove… and when you do, the spoils will be theirs.

        You will have copped all that shit and done all the spade work and heavy lifting for whom? Yep, those LNP bastards who couldn’t organise a chook raffle or manage the books for a free brothel.

        Hey Campbell, you weren’t there, but I was recently guest speaker at the QLD Parliament’s 150th Anniversary Dinner. The dearth of talent was obvious, mate. There were none of the characters I used to know. No Bjelkes or Hinzes. No backslapping good ol’ boys. Just anxious faces.

        I’m not sure you should even try to win Ashgrove, mate!



    • mabba
    • March 14th, 2012

    Would have been harder in the seat of Brisbane, an even safer ALP seat (formerly Beattie’s, now Grace Grace’s (of the Bellino family!- would have made Anna’s corruption ads more interesting tho). Beattie lived in the suburb of Wilston; Newman lives in Windsor, virtually the same area (neither truly in the CBD Brisbane area). Windsor’s on the northside like Ashgrove, both under 8 km from CBD- & the electorate boundaries change frequently; after being in Everton for years, we’re now in Stafford (& we live in neither suburb- using suburb names for much larger electorate areas is confusing). Basically, anywhere in the burbs outside the CBD up to 12 km north of the river can function as the same locality, I reckon- had no idea Brisbaneites were supposed to be so parochially suburban- might as well be officially declared small country towns with our own little town halls. Newman’s had lots of links with A’grove & nearby areas for years – ALP might as well tell us we can’t go outside our suburbs to shop. Their ‘local’ argument is absolutely ridiculous- splitting hairs, not even straws. And if ‘local’ is such an issue, Kate should stand for local govt. But of course, they’re not thinking of that kind of ‘local’ tie (see earlier post). I will concede, however, that the whole LNP obviously didn’t look into just how close all Kate’s ties are- probably should have gone for unseating the ALP members in Everton or Stafford (but then I haven’t looked into their little tie-ups with ALP insiders)…No wonder Anna ran the tangled web ad- they know all about the ties that bind…

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