Thursday open/twitter thread


Pesky work thingy right now but there’s lots in the twitter feed.


Ban coal? Greenpeace has a plan.

Trade minister, Craig Emerson:

It would mean mass starvation. It would be a global depression, and they ought to wake up to that instead of living in a fantasy land and organising these sorts of campaigns.”

Maybe someone should tell Craig who his boss is in bed with…


From the twitter feed and around:

  • Is the carbon tax even constitutional? Now we actually heard mining magnate Clive Palmer hint at this on Tony Jones’ Lateline some weeks back, but now it’s official:

His companies will contest the carbon tax in the High Court.

So far, Clive has only stated he’s received “legal advice” and won’t go into any further details about what his boys will argue, but it’ll most likely be around the commonwealth interferring in states’ rights in relation to taxation.

Some detail on that can be found here.

  • Watch out for a sneaky midnight deal to raise the debt ceiling above $250,000,000. At $2 billion being added a week, we are getting close.



A reply to JM on the email tubes after he sent this link to a new old space blog. JM stated, “No teacher interest, probably”

No teacher interest? I love spacey stuff. Winking smile

Was so disappointed a few months back. Was taking an after school ESL class for the “gifted” kids at the school I work at, and the first topic revolved around space junk (as a hook), and space stuff in general. I naively thought that with Korea’s burgeoning space program, the kids would be fired up.

No, all they wanted to talk about was fucking K-Pop.

I don't know smile


    • mabba
    • March 15th, 2012

    Thank God for Clive Palmer. I hope he succeeds – preferably before 1 July. He was brilliant with Chris U, but not too tough, so he obviously respects him. He chewed Tony Jones up a few weeks back on Lateline, dripping with well disguised honeyed scorn, but I’m not sure Jones realised- maybe he did afterwards – don’t think he’s had him back. Anyway, go Clive, the National Treasure with national treasure.

    BTW, hope Anna’a flood report tomorrow isn’t too disappointing- for us (not her!)

    • Listen to too much Julia or Swannie, and you could hardly be blamed for having some serious concerns over the state of the Aussie gene pool.

      Listen to Palmer and be reassured that talent is indeed still alive and well.

    • mabba
    • March 15th, 2012

    Aussie gene pool…hmm. Well, count the red dragon out, wish she’d go back to Wales. Very worrying about Swannie, actually a relative of a relly of mine (wince!) Haven’t sleuthed out Clive P, but don’t know of any palm(er) branches in the family tree – pity!

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