Finally. The F1 is back

And lady bingbing couldn’t be happier. Nothing but F1 until the end of November.

Actually, LBB isn’t lamenting too much this weekend as she gets to see her beloved Melbourne again.

I tells ya, the track looks absolutely picturesque. The organisers in Korea could learn a thing or two, and here’s a start. Maybe this, too.

The only decent looking car out there, the McLaren, is in pole and second.

The fugliest car out there, the Ferrari, ended up in the kitty litter yesterday.

Do the math. Those duck bill stepped noses may be safer, but the Mona Lisa of car design they ain’t.

Anyway, off to the couch. Feel free to use this an an open forum.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • March 19th, 2012

    Just staggered in the door, ears still buzzing. What a fantastic last 3 days. I need sleep.
    You’re right about the apartment, btw. 😆

    • Is there a more picturesque track out there? Spa-Francochamps, maybe? Singapore has its appeal.

      But really. The shots were fantastic. There were two very homesick people in this household! Still, at least it prompted LBB to decide that yes, we will go again this year (saving for the apartment had us up in the air a bit).

      Not that I can actually compare since I haven’t been to any others, but I seriously doubt the atmosphere is anywhere close in Korea, though.

      I didn’t check, but I’m pretty sure the race wasn’t on the Korean sports channels. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot.

      Regardless, the Korean GP improved leaps and bounds from the first year, and hopefully it will again.

      Melbourne put on a great show, and I don’t know exactly how they calculate it all up to declare the race loses money each year. It really does put Australia on the map, and that’s pretty much invaluable.

      Great job by the Aussies to both be in the points. Mark’s best result in Melbourne after yet another infamous botched start (again?!?!) and it wasn’t for a lack of screaming even from as far away as Korea that he couldn’t pip Lewis at the end.

      Glad you had a top weekend, mate.

      And WOZ, I’m sure top fuel is great but it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

      Bring on Malaysia! Four more sleeps!

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