Monday 19/3/12 open forum

Here we go again. I’m still in F1 mode, but something else important might have happened somewhere… I guess.


1.4 million Aussie viewers or just over 6% of the entire population. Tidy.


From what I’ve heard, the new Sky Sports coverage is top notch – no easy feat in the wake of the BBC’s superb effort last year. Star Sports Asia could learn a thing a thing or two… namely, to quit interrupting the race with ads. Heck, most of them weren’t even revenue generating, merely ones for other shows on Star Sports.

Did anyone see Channel 10’s effort?

Reader Sean of Deer Park actually attended the event, so with any luck he’ll feel like writing about it.

In other news, from carbon fibre to carbon prices – here and here.

Also. Meh, Vegemite is far superior anyway.

And, Fukushima is no Chernobyl. Thank you.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • March 19th, 2012

    You put me on the spot, BB. 😆

    Yes. The event was ‘awesome’ in every sense of the word.

    I am, and was, excited at being at the start of the F1 season. Fantastic, in every way and a privilege.

    Melbourne, if nothing else, is superb at holding sporting events on the world stage. The weather here is second to none. People in Sydney may beg to differ, personally I think Perth rivals Melbourne in this regard only because I lived there for a while.

    I am happy the Brit’s won the day. Good on them. 1st and 3rd is quite an achievement, especially in an Olympic year to be held in London. I don’t think many Aussies would want to take the win away from them. Nice guys too, on a personal note. I’d describe them as sincere.

    Webber did well, which was an inspiration, but I must admit, I was more impressed with Ricciardo as a first timer. (Such a nice young man with his head screwed on). I’d say we will see much more of this young fella.

    I don’t understand why the F1 event is poo-pooed by so many in Victoria (mostly Greenie type groups). Or why they say it doesn’t generate dollars for the State. It is always busy and admired by people who wouldn’t normally spend money going to see the “race cars”, for example. Melbourne would be nothing if it were not for the F1, Melbourne Cup, AFL Grand Final, Spring Fashion Festival, good weather (opposed by Sydneysiders opinion, because they put up with smelly humid weather), Comedy festivals, beautiful gardens, Theatre, Anzac Day, Food and Wine festival, Restaurants, Surf championships (Bell’s Beach, one hours drive away), The Tennis, etc; all these things make Melbourne a hub of activity on the world stage, year round. Collectively these events make Melbourne and Victoria a place to want to be. No wonder Melbourne gets high rankings in the world’s most livable cities. One of my favorite things to do is rent a townhouse in Apollo Bay in the winter ,with an open fire place and listen to the waves in the cold months looking over Bass Strait. on the Great Ocean Road.

    I’d go so far as to say, BingBing and LBB, should seriously consider relocating to Melbourne to live, after a few years of apartment life in Korea and making a couple of bucks on the apartment.

    Overall, the F1 event was a roaring success and thoroughly enjoyable. The nightlife was excellent and the hangover more than worthwhile. Come one, come all. Looking forward to many more years of good times and fun for everyone, whether you live here or not. This shit makes me proud to live in Melbourne and I want to promote it to share with everyone else. In the words of the late, Ian Turpie, ‘Come on down’.

    How’s that, for an advertisement and encouragement to come join me here in Melbourne. LBB is sure to agree. Bonus, it costs nothing much to visit the relies in Qld on regular basis, BB! Food for thought.

    Also, the Korean Race Track will be awesome over the next couple of years. A blade of grass, a couple of trees and it will be as pretty as Melbourne’s offerings. It doesn’t happen over night but it will happen. The Greenies were outraged at the cutting down of the Albert Park Lake trees, but look at it now. No problem.

    • Probably won’t ever be quite as pretty, but the Korean track will surely come along.

      As for the moving thing, don’t think LBB hasn’t mentioned it (remember, she lived there for a couple of years). I’ve got a few rellies down there, too, so I wouldn’t exactly be a stranger in a strange town.

      Problem is, I’d have to find a job that’s a) as cruisy and b) that I love as much as this one. Job satisfaction rate is extremely high. Seriously, I can be in the foulest of moods or down in the dumps, and within a minute, I’m in my happy place. Apparently, they reckon I’m a pretty good ESL teacher, too. 😉

      Not to mention paying almost zero tax, cheap smokes, and that “buzz” I still get from living over here. I’ve found that vacations in Oz are the best… all the good bits, none of the bad bits.

      Thanks for sharing. Where were you seated (and how do you afford no mortgage, winter beachside residence etc. etc??? Was Mokbel just the guy who took the fall????*)

      *kidding on that one…

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