Tuesday 20/3/12 open forum

Just four more sleeps until the QLD election with the Opposition up 60/40 on the 2PP vote. But who says baseless smear campaigning doesn’t work, at least on some of the electorate? The LNP was up even more last August to November although the Premier herself has lost out out since then.

That smear campaign – a campaign that went so far as to attack without a shred of evidence the Opposition leader’s OAM father-in-law – will surely leave a bad taste  in many mouths, not the least those of swinging voters.

A particularly vile set of true colours…

In other news of interest, at least over here, is that North Korea has invited back the UN’s nuclear inspectors. After a long winter that won’t quite budge, one suspects there are a lot of hungry mouths to feed up there.

It’s also after they launched a new satellite. It’s a wonder how much of a threat that will be however, especially when considered in the light of the (US) NSA building the world’s biggest spy centre that they hope will be capable of monitoring EVERYTHING on the Net, satellite transmissions etc.

There wouldn’t be a government or military on the planet not concerned about that one, and frankly a lot of corporations and even ordinary folk, too. And whilst I think it sucks, I see it also as inevitable.

A bit of what goes around comes around? When we all used to live in villages, by 10am everyone would know what time you put the cat out. This won’t be too dissimilar, except instead of it being everyone, it will be the NSA… if they want to.

So much for Obama and his “change”…

Anything else folks want to share?

  1. HI,
    Voting is over for Hubby and I and a few friends also have already voted. I have stayed away from the TV a lot of the time, I just can’t stand to see or hear Bligh, she just gets on my nerves at times.

    • Oh and next month we have the council elections. (sigh)

    • mabba
    • March 20th, 2012

    I really can’t wait, except for the Ashgrove thingy. Are they nuts over there? How can a local tuckshop backbencher in a cricket team help them??? And how rigged were the people behind the ‘worm’ in Ch 9’s tv debate? Even Beattie agrees that the polls say a landslide for LNP – it beggars belief that the ‘swinging’ worm voters really were undecided- & even more incredulous that they gave the debate to Bligh by such a large margin- virtually the reverse of what the statewide primary votes are going to be. Honestly, communist Russia back in the day was fairer- at least you were never under any illusions as to what the score really was.

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