So why not start producing shows we’re actually interested in, ABC?

And quit bothering to try and change our minds with your useless sandpit “science”.

Because at the time of posting, 67% of Australians don’t give a rats about man-made global warming propaganda. Shows like QandA might be better off discussing issues like, “Is PM Julia Gillard untrustworthy?”

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Have you taken the survey yet?

H/T Tim Blair

PS If warming zealot Anna Rose actually does snap out of fantasy land and realise that dismantling society as we know it perhaps isn’t the best thing to do, then I’ll be…

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • April 3rd, 2012

    I too, am a proud “Dismissive”.
    Although, they were a bit disingenuous with the results. I don’t think “Global Warming” is not “happening at all”. I didn’t say this at Q1. Never mind. The survey will most likely be dismissed by their ABC, when they realise the results are not going their way.

    I love the internet! 😆

  1. From the comments left by ‘Dismissives’ at Blair’s this survey seems to have been designed specifically to tell skeptics shut up, we don’t care. Great way to win people to your side of an argument. We can be thankful they didn’t use exploding children again.

  2. As for the question you pose in the title – it was Michael Carleton (I think) who said that some people at the ABC dream of producing a program that nobody watches, because then they’ll know they got it right.
    These days we can dispense with the qualifier ‘some’.
    Then again, it was the Nine network that gave us Ben Elton Live from Planet Earth.

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