A friend in hard times

Sometimes it stank, but there used to always be loyalty.

THE ACTU is considering severing ties with the scandal-plagued Health Services Union as current and former officials face possible criminal charges.

A senior union source told The Australian Online that “severe action is being considered” against the HSU.

Loyalty isn’t dead and buried, however. Most of us have read by now how convenient it will be for embattled MP and former HSU boss, Craig Thompson. Under fire for allegedly using his union credit card to withdraw 100 grand and pay for prostitutes, more than three years after a Fair Work Australia probe into his expenses was launched it is finally being referred to the DPP. Yet by the time their investigation is wrapped up, criminal charges are possibly laid, and he possibly receives a sentence of 12 months or more, the Gillard government will have made it to the next election.


A more detailed link. It’ll be formalised tomorrow.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • April 4th, 2012

    This will be interesting. If the ACTU kick the HSU out, what does that say about Gillard? Remember, Gillard has “full confidence” in Thompson. The ACTU is the ALP. Can Gillard continue to support Thomo under such circumstance? Will someone finally move a no confidence motion in Parliament? What will happen to the HSU members?

    What a mine field.

    Wilkie said on Q&A the other night he would not support the government if such a motion were to be put.

    I hope ACTU do. Talk about ammunition for the LNP.

    • Hmm. Is this becoming a case of the ACTU WAS the Labor Party?

    • minicapt
    • April 4th, 2012

    Why is paying for prostitutes considered misusing union funds?


    • Not quite what an underpaid hospital worker likely has in mind when thinking of “health services”…

      • The Wizard of WOZ
      • April 4th, 2012

      Maybe he didnt tips the girls enough. Perhaps their union complained at the annual unions union agm…

    • mabba
    • April 4th, 2012

    There have been dozens of no confidence motions (various topics) – I think 40, maybe even 50. The govt always wins by SEVERAL votes (3/4+), cos the other Indies (Dopeshott & Windy) + the Greenie always support the govt AND Slipper has always sent out a no of LNPs . Why will this be any different?

    Why has ACTU suddenly found a voice against corruption? Could union membership be falling away alarmingly?

    Also, Goose has got rid of the state treasurers after a 2 hr meeting- what an insulting waste of money- takes WA treasurer 3 times longer just to get there. This budget is going to be a shocker- & the states are going to get diddly squat. Penny Wrong keeps berating Abbott for talking down the economy, so we know whose fault it must be.

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