Indeed. Maybe they have locked up the wrong people

Open the gates!

MORE than 100 people have gathered outside a detention centre in Sydney, calling on the Federal Government to free all asylum seekers.

Pump some borrowed thousands into a bank account pronto! Send granny off to the nursing home and give these people somewhere to live! And what’s with all this English being written bloody everywhere you racist, heartless thugs?!?

“The Gillard Government should be locked up for crimes against humanity,” the chick speaking for this rabble said.

However, by “rabble” it should be made abundantly clear we’re not talking about the folks inside the detention centre.

No. Let’s follow the logic of the people outside the detention centre.

By letting out the asylum seekers before it can be verified exactly who they are, the mob is basically saying anyone and anything can freely enter Australia.

That’s the deal if you go by their argument.

Oh ye heart harks for the bliss of yonderyear, when man and beast freely roamed the gentle mother earth godess.

So why even bother with, oh I don’t know, how about we start with passports? That’s right, just get on the plane with the only question asked being, “Would you like a blanket?”

We’ve a beautiful harbour, the world’s best, so just sail right up!

And why stop there? By arguing for the asylum seekers’ immediate release, they’re arguing for no border controls whatsoever effectively.

So load up the guns, the drugs, the exotic species, chuck in a few child soldiers, the odd bio-weapon and let’s have a free for all!

Or maybe not.

Locked up? Yes. That mob should be. In a loony bin. For crimes against intelligence.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • April 9th, 2012

    Bloody beautiful, BB. Cant argue with that.

    To more this craziness goes on, the more I think Howard was wrong to take away our right to bear arms.

  1. Julian Burnside isn’t quite so vocal on this subject as he was once upon a time. This is the homepage for Spare Rooms for Refugees; I thought they had something more elaborate.
    News reports from a few years ago state that he’s opened his own residence to refugees. Beyond Chez Burnside.however the idea hasn’t caught on.

    • Awfully quiet now. Give it 18 months and he’ll pipe up again.

      • Of course. He’ll have Tony Abbott to blame by then.

    • Merilyn
    • April 10th, 2012

    Only 100? Hmmm The Greens must be losing members.

    • 100. Yeah, it was a slow news day. This government doesn’t exactly hit the ground running on a Monday.

      Remember a couple of Sundays ago, the day usually reserved for setting the week’s agenda, and the PM came out and basically said, “Ah, I’ve got nothing.”

      Bit different from the last mob.

      Still, what CAN she come out and say that people want to hear?

    • mabba
    • April 10th, 2012

    She can say ‘No more carbon tax & no more boats’. I’d like to hear that! (And besides, don’t 2 negatives make a positive!)

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