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Australia’s carbon tax, like Obamacare, unconstitutional?

Via the Bolta, it could well be. The argument basically boils down to whether the feds can tax stuff owned by the states (the CO2 would be owned by the states).

The constitution says you can’t. Gillard says she wants to.

Fun times.

It looks like we have Gillard doing it over here with her CO2 trace gas tax, and it looks like we have Obama doing it over in the US with his likewise draconian Obamacare (on a lighter note, here’s why Obamacare will be shot down, BTW).

Gillard here. Obama there. In both cases you have federal government leaders trying to seize power that the constitution arguably says they can’t have.

What is with that; power hungry leftist leaders snubbing the founding document of the nations they’re supposed to be leading?

Anyway, with any luck, Gillard’s carbon dioxide tax will be challenged in the High Court like Obamacare is being challenged – and probably successfully, too – in the US Supreme Court.

If so, can we expect Julia to brazenly lash out like Obama did?


Another North Korean nuke test?

It could well be on the way as a follow-up to their satellite launch – itself regarded as really a test for any future ICBMs.

With new leader Kim Jong-un, son of the late Kim Jong-il, we were told the apple hadn’t landed far from the tree and this is proving true.

More here, including claims by the Opposition in Korea – a group akin to the Democrats in the US – crying foul the intelligence leak occurred just prior to the parliamentary elections to be held tomorrow.

Talk us through this one

Am I missing something here?

You have former Health Services Union National Secretary, MP Craig Thomson, under investigation for using his HSU credit card to withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars and pay for prositutes.

You have union-stacked government workplace relations body Fair Work Australia taking over three years to investigate him for that, and yet after three years they’ve essentially come up with nothing (despite the signature on the receipt looking like his), and have refused to cooperate with police both in NSW and Victoria.

You have HSU president Michael Williamson accused of embezzling members’ money, and yet, he’s the only one on the chopping block.

You, in fact, have a very tangled web (<<< that’s the Glenn Milne column he was forced to pull) indeed, with ALP/Union faction fights, Bruce Wilson (Gillard’s ex), Willamson’s daughter working as an adviser to Gillard, 2UE’s Michael Smith getting the sack… all very messy.

A whole heap of punishments could and arguably should be metred out (whilst some already have been that perhaps shouldn’t have been).

Yet who’s the one really copping it?

Whistleblower Kathy Jackson.

The only one here (even her husband might be a bit dodgy) who demonstrates any integrity, and the powers-that-be want her removed.


I know the next series of Underbelly will be set in late Joh-era Queensland that culminated in the Fitzgerald Inquiry, but the one after that?

Looks like there could be plenty of fodder here.

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