Prohibition again?

London Metropolitan University is thinking about banning alcohol sales on campus.


Because it might offend the Muslim students there.

    • myfriendmissmiller
    • April 13th, 2012

    That’s seriously absurd. Mostly because I know many Muslims, I teach students from other countries… and I would say that most of them aren’t extreme like that. Do many Muslims choose NOT to drink due to their religion? Yes. However, it sounds as though the university needs some major advertisement and perhaps wants others to think they’re truly being “culturally sensitive” by doing such a thing for such a small percent of their students.

    • That’s it, eh. It’s not even the Muslim students demanding it (for which I’d tell them to get stuffed), but the dean who’s suggesting it. Appeasement is one thing, but when it’s considered before it’s even asked for, you have to shake your head.

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