Zimmerman on trial

But how on Earth will he receive a fair one?


Trayvon’s mum:

“I believe it was an accident.”

But something’s up. Later she does a complete 180 and says Zimmerman “stalked my son and murdered him in cold blood.”

Did Al Sharpton have a word with her? Just askin’.

  1. That’s a complete 180º, surely. A 360 would see her saying exactly what she said earlier.

    • I know. I realised when I was away from a PC and the 3G connection sucked until now. About to fix…

    • philjourdan
    • May 4th, 2012

    2 things.

    #1 – Never underestimate the capacity of Americans to be totally ignorant of anything. They will find 12 that have never heard of the event.
    #2 – Martin’s mom – Her lawyers told her she had to assign blame if she wants to cash in on a Civil Suit.

    • Hard to blame Obama really…

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