An important announcement

I have offended my wife, possibly even insulted her. She told me that I have hurt her pride.

A little while back, I made claims – untrue claims – about her and posted them publicly on the internet.

This has caused her great distress, and has arguably harmed our relationship.

I was wrong to make such a damning statement against my beloved wife.

For this I am deeply sorry, and offer this unreserved public apology.

The untrue claim I made was that lady bingbing wanted a Gucci bag.

In truth, lady bingbing is a Prada and Chanel woman. She wants either a Prada or Chanel bag… or preferably both… with a dash of Michael Kors thrown in (because he’s actually “affordable” – eek! – at the moment).

One can only hope this meek apology suffices, and that more kittens need not needlessly suffer at the wrath of the indomitable lady bingbing.

    • Merilyn
    • April 14th, 2012

    Hope the couch is not to uncomfortable.

    • Aha! Thinking man thought ahead. The newish couch is awesome! 😛

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • April 14th, 2012

    Just a note to LBB.

    LBB, I thought the Gucci reference was tongue-in-cheek, a metaphor. I can tell from previous posting you are a woman of style and grace. It is obvious to me, LBB is deserving of nothing but the best.

    Binger’s may now like to start planning the purchase of some Mikimoto Pearls to make up for any distress readers here may have inadvertently caused you. 😆 (Consider them an investment, BB)

    • Clicked the link. Checked the prices; a good thing they’re not in Korea and only ship to EU countries.

  1. Handbags, well, what man knows anything about them? It’s not as if you outed your wife as a Collingwood supporter.
    That said, I hope you get two blankets for those chilly nights in the doghouse.

    • I’m pretty contemporary insofar as I can tell the difference between all the bags. For example, the $500 bag is $450 more expensive than the $50 bag. The $5000 bag is $4500 more expensive than the $500 bag. The $50,000 bag is $45,000 more expensive than the $5000 bag. Yes, there are $50,000 bags. Shit is insane.

    • minicapt
    • April 16th, 2012

    For some unknown reason, Gucci has adopted the “Green-Scarlet-Green” pattern as used in the Regimental Stable Belts worn by the Strathconas. I don’t see what the problem might be, unless she prefers the Dragoons …


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