Overall, we have above average levels of sea ice

Must be that dastardly global warming climate change. The story was about record-breaking Bering Sea ice, but here’s the par that really caught my eye.

The NSIDC boffins add, however that overall the Arctic ice – while up on recent years – is below the average seen since records began in 1979. In fact, according to the Cryosphere Today website run by the Polar Research group at Illinois uni, it’s down by 443,000 square km. However the sea ice around the Antarctic coasts is above average by 452,000 km2, so overall the planet’s sea ice is at the moment slightly above average in extent – and in the Bering Sea, the walruses, seals and polar bears can quite literally chill out in comfort.

Oh, and folks can relax when it comes to the Great Barrier Reef, too. The coral is fine. Thriving in fact.

And in case you missed it, yes, the polar bears are doing fine, also.

H/T the GWPF

    • minicapt
    • April 14th, 2012

    And since the Arctic Ocean is about 14,000,000 sqkm, that’s rough 3%.


    • mabba
    • April 16th, 2012

    And how come there were so MANY huge icebergs in the Atlantic sealanes on April 14 1912? Am iceberged out with Titanic recounts & analyses. Haven’t heard a mention of climate change/GW back then, even though Greenland was sloughing off ice like plagues of lice…maybe it was that damn new fangled motor car what gone done it… or maybe the cows & horses were more into farting then?

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