And people wanna b*tch about Australia being racist???

We’re a bloody tolerant mob if you ask me. Check this out.

Jasmine Lee, the Philippine-born naturalized Korean citizen who became a ruling Saenuri Party [they’re the Righties over here – bing] lawmaker, is becoming the target of racially-based online attacks.

Some bloggers and tweeters have said Lee’s election will pave the way for interracial families to gain at the expense of Koreans and producing more illegal aliens.

Wow. And who’s coming up with this crap? (BTW, unlike raaaaacism charges against certain bloggers in Australia, there are actually quotes in that link to prove it.)

As many of those denouncing the ruling party lawmaker-elect are supporters of opposition parties [the Lefties – bing], critic Chin Jung-kwon also said, “The opposition party won’t have a chance of winning the presidential election if it doesn’t do something to stop its supporters from abusing Jasmine Lee.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. Overall I’m treated very well in Korea, but in comparison, Aussies bend over backwards for our new mates.

Take the case of an idol-type competition show over here. Despite being a far better performer, and receiving more praise from the judges, this poor lass just couldn’t get the viewer votes compared to the more lackluster full-blooded Korean.

Next time some idiot tells you Aussies are racist, tell ’em to get stuffed.

    • philjourdan
    • April 16th, 2012

    Racism only exists in multi-racial societies. There can be no racism in an ethinically pure society such as Korea, Japan or Kenya. The progressives tell us so, and they would never deceive us.

  1. I was working behind a shop counter when Pauline Hanson hit the headlines. I remember serving a customer who mentioned that he’d just been in Singapore, and asking him what the general respsonse to Pauline was there.
    I can’t remember his exact words but they were to the effect of ‘She barely rated a mention in the papers. And anyway, anyone who thinks Australians are racists has obviously never been to Asia.’

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