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Hope he wins

Joe Hildebrand had a few words to say about this.

MINING magnate Andrew Forrest has stepped up his attack on Julia Gillard after she labelled his claims about her secret mining tax talks with the big resources companies “nonsense”, as he prepares to launch a High Court challenge against the controversial tax.

Because trying to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, for the pure reason you were already too wasteful and thus spent too much of other people’s money, isn’t the solution.

And, of course, it is the constitutional right of the states to harness mining royalties, so Gillard’s federal government money grab (because they blew it all) surely has a good chance of not getting up.


Those in the know are talking, but will Julia listen?

Rhetorical question…

THE National Broadband Network model proposed by the Coalition if it wins power would be faster and cheaper to roll out than the $36 billion design being pursued by Labor, Telstra has declared.

Telstra chief executive David Thodey said that adopting the fibre-to-the-node network – the model favoured by an Abbott government – would be lower-cost and faster than the approach of laying fibre to the home and could result in faster payments to the telco for the use of its infrastructure.

Because Julia, in case you didn’t notice, we don’t have a spare $36 billion lying around any more.

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