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Danger! Danger! It’s global… cooling?

Let’s face it. Al Gore made his billion. He don’t give a fuck anymore. No one does. Not that that will stop the Prime Ranga Fanta Pants with a Beard taking a dump on Australia with her Crapon Tax.

But anyway…

The sun may be entering a period of reduced activity that could result in lower temperatures on Earth, according to Japanese researchers. Officials of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and the Riken research foundation said on April 19 that the activity of sunspots appeared to resemble a 70-year period in the 17th century in which London’s Thames froze over and cherry blossoms bloomed later than usual in Kyoto.

There’s a lot going on with the sun at the moment… with more to come.

But still Bozo the frown-clown keeps trying to bullshit us with trace gas crap.


Softening up

We all know there’s no frigging way this government will deliver a budget surplus, and they’ll use this one as an excuse for sure.

THE government’s budget calculations are being undermined by a plunge in export prices, which are crucial to maintaining a budget surplus.

The weakening terms of trade (export prices compared with import prices) are cutting tax revenue at the same time as doubts are emerging about the strength of economic growth over the year ahead.

Export prices slumped 7 per cent in the March quarter as spot prices for iron ore, coal and other resource commodities fell. This followed a 1.5 per cent fall in the December quarter, when world markets were rocked by turmoil in Europe.

Yep. Perfect timing, geniuses, to be slugging the mining companies with an extra tax grab.

But no worries, the over-tanned Goose who used an RAAF jet to fly his family to Cairns for vacation thinks throwing another $7 billion at Europe is fine.

Europe. Still a good vacation destination, but those idiots just won’t (can’t?) shake their totalitarian socialist bent.

An egregious welfare super state; why the fuck do we have to be giving them any more money?

The Prime Ineptocrat

No, the rest of world actually doesn’t give two bollocks about internal Australian politics, but that doesn’t mean us Aussies shouldn’t.

THE Coalition says Australia is the “laughing stock of the world” on the back of the Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper parliamentary scandals.

Speaking on Sky News’s Australian Agenda program, Senator Eric Abetz continued Coalition calls for Mr Slipper to resign as Speaker of the House of Representatives, amid allegations of sexual harassment.

He said Australians deserved more from their parliament and chided Labor for being “propped up” by Mr Thomson and Mr Slipper.

Abetz is wrong and right. No one gives a crap about Australia. We have kangaroos and koalas. Kids love it. We have insane welfare. Refugees love it. We have ridiculous taxes. And not a single fuck was given by anyone not Australian (except maybe other governments who are dreaming up new ways to impose back door taxes).

That said, Abetz is right insofar as the current government, led by a woman, is being propped up by a man who allegedly has a penchant for the ladies of the evening so long it isn’t on his own coin, and sexual harassment claims aside, a man who is pretty much single-handedly propping up the taxi industry.

And don’t get me started on Bob Brown, or that idiot Oakeshott, or that snake Windsor.

Oh for the company this government keeps. Yeah, OK. Let’s scrap the coal industry, Bob, and cede sovereignty to a world government.

How’s that federal pension going, Rob?

And Tony Windsor; looks all Aussie. Talks all Aussie. Kind of like Tim Flannery in that sense. But what a snake. Bitching about global warming but selling the farm to a coal company again this week?

Oh, Julia. I’ll even forgive the disturbing connotations when we have an unmarried atheist “concerned” about kids’ education.

I’ll even forgive the fact you have a goose running the economy. Oh crap, I just farted out another two billion of debt.

No, your biggest failure is that – as Carpe coined – you are an ineptocrat.

Use more, not less

The way of the future.

A GROUP of billionaires and adventurers will this week announce plans to mine asteroids as they pass by Earth.

The group, which includes key figures from Google and Microsoft as well as James Cameron, director of the films Avatar and Titanic, are funding a new company, Planetary Resources, which apparently plans to research the use of robot space mining ships.

Too right. That’s what we should be doing. Not whining about oh, oh, oh, we have limited resources.

What? We have limited resources on planet Earth? OK. Fine. No kidding. But shut the hell up, stop trying to send us back to the stone ages, pull your finger out, and find a tenable solution.

Anyone who’s even heard of science fiction books knows that one day – if we don’t stuff it up wasting our time building stupid windmills – that one day we’ll be mining asteroids. Heck, we should have an asteroid belt circling the planet yesterday.

Imagine if the last twenty years, instead of being spent spending trillions (that we don’t have) talking about the weather, imagine if more people had devoted that time and money to projects like utilising the essentially unlimited resources in space.

Still, imagine if governments had tried that on instead. It would have been billions, trillions wasted anyway.

Isn’t it wonderful what people can do when governments and envy advocates aren’t taxing the living crap out of them and making them feel guilty for being rich and successful.

Gotta laugh, however, that of all the people, James Cameron is involved. Yes, the same man who made a movie – Avatar – about how precious (essentially) the Earth is and how naaaaasty evil mining companies and military are, of all the people, HE’S involved in what he basically advocated against.

Ho hum, Leftist hypocrisy is nothing new, and if it means we’re getting resources from space instead of flinging faeces at each other, then all is forgiven (still not sorry about breaking those 3D glasses though).

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