Softening up

We all know there’s no frigging way this government will deliver a budget surplus, and they’ll use this one as an excuse for sure.

THE government’s budget calculations are being undermined by a plunge in export prices, which are crucial to maintaining a budget surplus.

The weakening terms of trade (export prices compared with import prices) are cutting tax revenue at the same time as doubts are emerging about the strength of economic growth over the year ahead.

Export prices slumped 7 per cent in the March quarter as spot prices for iron ore, coal and other resource commodities fell. This followed a 1.5 per cent fall in the December quarter, when world markets were rocked by turmoil in Europe.

Yep. Perfect timing, geniuses, to be slugging the mining companies with an extra tax grab.

But no worries, the over-tanned Goose who used an RAAF jet to fly his family to Cairns for vacation thinks throwing another $7 billion at Europe is fine.

Europe. Still a good vacation destination, but those idiots just won’t (can’t?) shake their totalitarian socialist bent.

An egregious welfare super state; why the fuck do we have to be giving them any more money?

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