Perhaps someone else should step aside, also

OK. So Speaker of the House, Peter Slipper, has stepped aside amid sexual harrassment allegations.*

Note, these allegations are completely unproven, yet Slipper has done the honourable thing and ceased to play an active role in the Parliament of Australia, at least until these allegations are found to be true, or indeed, not true.

That’s the proper thing to do. The right course. The honourable way.

There’s another bloke in Parliament who may have inproperly, er…

Used his union credit car to pay for hookers.

And the people the Honourable Craig Thomson represents, they’re the people who bust a gut at 2am in the morning.

They’re the people who don’t get paid much, but boy oh boy do they do a lot.

Cleaning bed pans.

Oops, I just puked on my lunch tray.

That cist is rotting.

But no worries, the bloke who was looking after the underpaid Health Services Union workers, at 2am, he was allegedly buying hookers.

With their money.

Aw, thanks for looking after that cancer patient, I’ll just go and blow your wages getting my end wet while wifey keeps the bed warm at home.


Only allegations thus far, however.

Who knows? Maybe some mystery person not only got a hold of Craig Thomson’s HSU credit card, but is also able to perfectly replicate his signature.

But does Craig, the Honourable Craig Thomson, step aside while Fair Work Australia spends almost four years avoiding the cops, only to produce a report that is worthless?

No, the Honourable Craig Thomson does not.

Used other people’s money, people who do it tough, to get his jollies on – allegedly.

Wifey was at home, his minions were cleaning puke, and he has the Prime Minister’s full support.

Full support. Full Confidence.

Nothing sus.

Move along.

*technically it’s for the expensive taxis, not the young man love

    • mabba
    • April 23rd, 2012

    Labor still on top (no freudian slip intended): Jokeshott, Windbag & Adam Banned still support them, as will madam deputy speaker in a tied vote (which will occur only if sulkie Wilkie, mad K/hatter & WA’s independent Crook support coalition). Assuming they do (still a stretch), then the madam deputy has the call (& that’s assuming she will not have already thrown out half the coalition front bench in the 1st 10 mins- have seen her in action & she takes no prisoners & is not nearly as courteous as slippery Pete).

    This govt. is unbelievable for surviving near death experiences. The law of averages dictates that in the life of a Parlt, there is usually at least ONE unforeseen by-election – heck, Qld is already having one in the 1st month (Anna’s old seat – yay!) Truly, if the life of this parlt were marketed as a novel, nobody would believe that fiction could be so far-fetched. I’m beginning to think this mob don’t just have guardian angels, they have whole battalions of them- maybe Juliar’s gone to Galliopoli to recruit a few more? Yeah, I know I’m talking gibberish, but my powers of analysis just don’t work where this govt is concerned.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • April 23rd, 2012

      Agreed. 😆

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