Hmm, so maybe Thomson’s signature WAS forged… three times

So we read over at Bolta’s that embattled MP Craig Thomson hired some handwriting experts who have come to the conclusion that Thomson’s signature on the HSU credit card receipts for the prostitutes was indeed forged as Thomson claims, and not only that, but it was forged three times by three different people.

So, it kinda might put Thomson in the clear.


But, you have to ask, why would Thomson be lending out his credit card in the first place?

Was it stolen?

And then, when finding a forged signature used on the card at a brothel of all places, wouldn’t the average person think that maybe they shouldn’t be handing out their credit card?

And if not the first time, then why not the second time?

And why still the refusal to cooperate with the police?

If someone had forged my signature on my credit card, and it wouldn’t even have to be at a brothel, you could be pretty sure the cops would be involved.

But not with Thomson.

So at best it points to a question of (ir)responsibility and judgement.

This latest news begs more questions than it answers.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • April 24th, 2012

    When your Credit Card is misplaced, stolen or the details are being used without you knowing or consent; their is a process in place to deal with such situations. A reasonable person would notice the card missing in the first place, or notice strange transactions when the monthly statement arrived in the mail. A reasonable person would report it.

    At that stage, a reasonable person would contact their card provider and highlight the problem. The card provider then employs their card services fraud squad to investigate the transactions. I know this because many years ago I opened my credit card statement and noticed transactions in SA and WA on dates and times I was at work sitting in my office in Melbourne. Card Services, immediately suspend the account whilst they investigate and then issued a new card. The police were notified and an insurance reimbursement made on the card account to remove the fraudulent transactions. This process takes about two to three months to finalise. The account is frozen until payment is reimbursed on the card from the fraudulent usage.

    If you are too stupid to notice the fraud at the time and fail to report the misuse to the card issuer, you are deem responsible for the account transactions in question. An important point for Craig to ponder, whilst he attempts to wiggle out of any responsibility.

    In Thomson’s case, he seems to have never made a complaint, never checked his transactions and in the unlikely event it is true, three separate people committed fraud using his card and because he failed to notice at the time; he is now legally responsible. It is still a gross misuse of Union funds that he is accountable for, no matter what the excuse or spin.

    What about the fact other identity was required at the brothel; such as driver’s licence, photo id etc. And the fact one of the brothels claim to have CCTV footage of a man looking remarkably like Thomson attending at the time of one of those transactions (that story got hushed up mighty quickly, I recall). Then there is also the outstanding issue of $100K withdrawn as cash advances for goodness knows what.

    Mind you, it seems more likely to me pig’s do fly.

    • Great detail, mate. So we have card services, probably the cops, a two or three month process, and legal liability if you don’t report it.

      That’s in the real world.

      In ALPland, we have FWA, no cops, going on a four year process, and no admission of guilt.

    • minicapt
    • April 24th, 2012

    But as a Senior Union Official, Mr T is clearly above such mundane details. It quite understandable that those who used his card illegally should have kept him better informed, and that it is now the responsibility of the Constabulary to search out the miscreants since Mr T has passed over to them the responsibilities.


    • Yeah, good work if you can (stoop low enough to) get it.

      Loved the tetris, btw.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • April 26th, 2012

    So that now begs the question of how did these master forgers manage to get Shaggers drivers licence and mobile phone? On 3 separate occasions, i think he is full of it.

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