It’s high time our “independents” finally stood up

Better late than never. Independents like Bob Katter, Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor and, er, Craig Thomson have a good chance to salvage at least some credibility; credibility perhaps irretrievably lost for continuing to side with arguably the worst, most wasteful, most deceitful, most incompetent government in Australia’s long, proud, democratic history.

And all they have to do is support a No Confidence motion.

A majority of voters believe the independent MPs in parliament should back a no-confidence motion in Julia Gillard’s government to bring on an early election.

A Galaxy poll for the Herald Sun shows that just three in 10 voters would tick the Labor box at the next federal election, which is worse than when the party was split in the 1950s when the DLP was formed.

Labor has been wiped out in Queensland and NSW. They’re struggling in the red state, Victoria. They’ve lost it to the Greens in Tasmania. They’re certainly on the nose in WA. And federally, has labor ever had worse numbers?

Can anybody in their right mind see them hanging on another 18 harrowing, bluderous months until the next election officially has to be had?

Business confidence is shot. The public by and large has had a gut. Enough is enough.

The link showed results for a reasonably scientific Galaxy poll, but also have a gander at some of the poll results displayed on the ninemsn website. No, they’re not nearly as scientific, but do keep in mind ninemsn and its readers are hardly the most conservative lot.

This has gone far beyond ideological rants.

Also note, it’s not as if there’s an “anti-ALP” poll every day. Far from it. No. To find the next one we have to go back to March 25th.

It’s as if the PM is living on a different planet, however.

JULIA Gillard has batted away suggestions she should stand down, saying she will lead Labor to the next election.

The Prime Minister was defiant today amid renewed leadership rumblings over her handling of the Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson scandals.

How can she or her party NOT be reading the writing on the walls?

She won’t do what needs to be done. If her party had any sense, they’d do what needs to be done. But it looks like they don’t (paging Bill Shorten), so they won’t.

The politicians’ curse.

The question is: will our “independents” continue to be as mad as this government is? Will they continue to serve their own narrow interests?

Or will they, just maybe, do what’s best for the nation… at least just this once?*

*it might help them get a decent job after the next election, too…

    • minicapt
    • April 30th, 2012

    Yes, but … ABBOTT!!!!!!


    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • April 30th, 2012

    No arguing mate. This IS ‘the worst, most wasteful, most deceitful, most incompetent government in Australia’s long, proud, democratic history.’ Hands down.

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