Julia will be lucky to make it to the end of the day

And she doesn’t deserve to make it til lunch.

SENIOR minister Craig Emerson has admitted there is leadership “chatter” in the Labor caucus and questions over Julia Gillard’s handling of the Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper scandals.

Chatter? Mere chatter? Doesn’t anybody shows those guys the polls? Don’t they go out any more and have a chat with folks (who’d dare)?

Let’s face it. It’s almost definitely more than “chatter”. Surprised we haven’t seen anyone front the cameras sporting a black eye.

    • mabba
    • April 30th, 2012

    Gets better’n’better. Let’s just hope they all their teeth get knocked out with so much ‘chatter’- I just love toothless tigers – they’re already spineless & gutless, sooo….

    BTW, how’s kevni’s body language ATM? And shortstraw’s? If shortstraw scores, here’s my tip:
    ma-in-law will resign (happily) over perceived ‘conflict of interest’ (after all, she’s done all the trips, has a wardrobe to see her thru’, & will retire on nearly as much money without having to do the pesky work)- and Liebore can install their own appointee for the next 5 yrs to frustrate Abbott…

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • April 30th, 2012

    There will be lots and lots of chatter about this report (which you wont find at Mr Bolts site). Off to read it now. Should be lightly entertaining.


    • Indeed. Heard a few tidbits about that on the revived podcast tonight.

      Whatever you want to say about it here… the server is in Texas.

      • Sean of Deer Park
      • April 30th, 2012

      OMFG! Read this from Larry Pickering’s fb page… hold on tight, this is going to be a bumpy ride!

      – start quote –
      Seems you’re right Larry – from the proverbial “reliable source” in PM&C and quite a few other places, a Woodward story to bring down the government

      “The spin is that Juliar has gone full NKVD on ‘parliamentary standards’ re Slipper and Shagger. Of course, it’s bollocks.

      Nothing could apparently be further from the truth.The reality according to PM&C sources is that it all revolves around the Temby Report and Police investigations into Thomson’s involvement in HSU corruption. It’s much worse than we think and Shagger’s in it up to his eyeballs – and so are a bunch of others (‘d’ye think Shagger shagged all those whores himself?’ was the word).

      I was informed that “…so the evidence is devastating! That’s why Short-arse [Shorten] panicked and monstered HSU east with deregistration. He also screamed over to ACTUHQ and got them to disenfranchise them chop-chop, although that’s partially to nobble Jackson, who they MUST destroy to cover their arses. If Jackson can act officially on what’s in those reports they are all f***ed. As in ‘your cell-mate is Bubba’ f***ed. Short-arse is trying desperately to stop the spread of what’s in the report. If it stays with him and his Department he’ll be able to bury it deep.’

      I asked about Shagger’s change of tack from ‘release it’ to ‘no f***ing way can it be released’. Answer: “… so it’s f***ing dynamite. Thompson read it and apparently fainted or wet himself, sources vary. Dumbslut [Gillard] read it Saturday and probably cried herself to sleep after giving Tim the Beard a grudge-f*** up the dirt road. That’s why Dumbslut had bags under her eyes Sunday. She cut Thompson off straight up, THAT’s how bad it is. Rumours in the ACTU are that they are opening all the slush funds on this one to keep Thompson out of gaol, buy favours and help Short-arse bury the report. If Short-arse succeeds, he’ll probably dethrone Dumbslut as PM. You ain’t seen nothing yet in obfuscation, the spinners are already working overtime.’

      Now, I stress this is from a deeply cynical operator, but this operator has hellacious good contacts south of the lake. He reckons that the security being wrapped around the report is extraordinary – but that EVERYONE wants to see it so they can leak it.

      This is going to be entertaining.”

      The Canberra presstitute might be finally waking up that there’s a chance to bring down a government with one story here. Get the full report (wikileaks?), and it’s probably done – Presstitute’s version of fame for life.”

      -end quote-

      • That’s gold. It’s on the web. From the first dirt on the BER to this, this little corner of the internet has done well.

        You know who you are, people.

        And I didn’t even doooo anything?!?!?!

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