Who says we don’t care for the environment?

A recent study reckons we don’t…

CONCERN for the environment has dwindled into a ”middling” issue that many people do not have strong feelings about, a major study into Australian attitudes towards society, politics and the economy has found.

Food, health, crime, safety and rights to basic public services – the tangible things that people confront on a daily basis – are dominant national concerns.

”Australians are effectively indifferent to global and societal issues, rating these significantly lower,” said the report What Matters to Australians, produced by the University of Technology, Sydney and the Melbourne Business School, with the support of the Australian Research Council.

Just my own opinion, but I reckon almost everybody has “concern for the environment”. Heck, even the evil skeptic James Delingpole, currently in Australia on a speaking tour, is enjoying Taronga Zoo.

It’s just that more and more of us don’t think an essential, oderless, colourless trace gas – er, make that human contribution to that trace gas, CO2, which occurs mostly naturally – is harmful to the environment.

And maybe we don’t think spending $76,000,000,000,000 to fight C02 is worth it.

And that taxing it won’t save the polar bears… which don’t need saving anyway.

Via Climate Nonconformist, who adds:

The environmentalists came on too strong and now they’re being ignored. Plus, getting your predictions wrong all the time doesn’t help. Nor do scandalous revelations about hidden declines, corruption of peer review, avoidance of data/FOI requests or deleted emails.

BTW, nice picture of man-made clouds the Age put above the story…

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