Who wants to be PM?

Does Julia? It must have been a shocker for her, yesterday, reading all of this. But she only has herself to blame.

Will have to ask the powers that be if we get the day off tomorrow for Labour Day. A day off would be nice, for sure, but I wouldn’t be too upset if they don’t bother. After all, Labour Day seems a bit of a relic, doesn’t it? From a bygone era. Who else doesn’t feel like a “worker” who has to stick it too their evil boss? No workplace is perfect, but my evil bosses put food on my table and overall offer pretty decent working conditions.

BTW, Bolta’s back on the radio with Steve Price. Back up in Sydney by the sounds of it, but considering it will be podcast, it doesn’t really matter what city, does it? Anyway, it’s 12 hours later at 8pm, and let’s see how long the segment will be. Being 8pm though, it still looks like lunch breaks will be spent giving Adam Carolla a bit of a listen.

‘Ave a good one.

    • mabba
    • April 30th, 2012

    Yeehaa, tallyho, coooeeee, come in spinner! Whatever does it for you… at the next Fed election (WHEENN??) Clive Palmer is going to contest the seat of…LILLEY!!!! That Goose is going to be …let’s just say…well & truly cooked… & I’m one of those voters!!! Go Clive, gild that lilley!

    And to think I was just happy that the LNP cleaned up Bris.City Council on Sat (pouring rain all day) & H Beattie didn’t snaffle Bris Central for party office HQ!

    Meanwhile, the suppressed novelist in me can’t keep up with the twists in the Canberra plotline, but next Tues is going to be a very interesting day in Parlt (let’s hope it’s the Chinese version of ‘May you live in interesting times’ for Juliar & Goose)…

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • April 30th, 2012

    I’m having a good old laugh today. Oh, what tangled webs we weave.

    In the spirit of taking the piss, put your heels on girlfriends and pop over to Gay News Network to add your comments to “snarky political writer (Sam Butler)” take on the Slipper Affair. I have, under the name “555Sean” in comments. 😆 I shall expect heaps of hate mail in response. Better put on my thick-skin now. I imagine there will be stilettos flying, so watch your head. (ROFLMAO!)

    Here’s the link:

    Here is my post (given it will probably be deleted, toot-sweet). I know I’m a bitch, eh? 😆

    “Seriously? You call this reporting, Sam? It is obvious from this article you let your political leaning cloud your judgement and you think the gay community is either stupid or naive.
    Talk about missing the point; entirely. Let me correct your musings and help you do your job properly.

    The issue to address should be about the ALP/Green government’s continual failure to support the gay community and an individuals rights. It has nothing to do with the “Liberals”. Indeed, nowhere here do you support the gay man (James Ashby) who has been, allegedly, sexually harassed by a supported member of the Gillard government. Slipper, was in the process of being discarded by the Liberal Party in disgrace and was saved by Julia Gillard; to win over his support for her sham of a government and keep her in power.

    You start your article saying, “Peter Slipper has denied sexual harassment allegations levelled against him by a male staffer, and until proven otherwise he has the right to be taken at his word”. No actually, not true. Slipper may deny it, but your assumption is wrong. Gillard herself introduced law that says otherwise:

    s. 361 Reason for action to be presumed unless proved otherwise
    (1) If:
    (a) in an application in relation to a contravention of this Part, it is alleged that a person took, or is taking, action for a particular reason or with a particular intent; and
    (b) taking that action for that reason or with that intent would constitute a contravention of this Part;
    it is presumed, in proceedings arising from the application, that the action was, or is being, taken for that reason or with that intent, unless the person proves otherwise.

    In other words, Slipper is seen as guilty until he proves he is not, in the eye’s of the law.

    Why are you not writing about the plight of gay people in the workplace? Even when the law is on the gay mans side, the gay press takes the side of the person accused of bad behaviour. Is this because you support the political Left and it is inconvenient to your cause? (LOL)

    Paragraph after paragraph, you attempt to sling mud and demonise the Liberal Party for what is truly the failures of the current government. The past is the past, get over it. It is certainly not news or today’s reality. I’d rank this as misguided opinion, at best, and a shame the editor at GNN hasn’t picked up the mistakes in your opinion piece. That is the trouble with propaganda, it is easily seen for what it is by the reader and makes you look unprofessional.

    The gay community should be proud one of their own could be the catalyst for the demise of Australia’s worst government in history. Good on Ashby for standing up for his rights. Shame on you, Sam, for not defending him. That is my opinion.

    It is the same with the Gay Marriage issue. Since 2010, the ALP/Green government has had the power to introduce and pass a Bill supporting ‘Gay Marriage’, in both the upper and lower house, to achieve what some want. Yet their (the Left) failure to act is somehow Tony Abbott’s fault. What a joke! Abbott is not the PM and does not hold power. The left have failed to do what they have preached to win votes. It is as simple as that.”

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