This isn’t how politics should work

If true, more grubby revelations into how the trade union/ALP machine operates…

So much for being chosen and elected on merit. HSU secretary Kathy Jackson is claiming HSU East boss and former ALP national secretary Michael Williamson offered her a seat in parliamnet if she’d shut up.

As leader of the ALP, would PM Julia Gillard have known about this? If so, what was her stance on that? And if not, as leader, why not? Has she lost control of her party?

Surely that is another blow for Gillard’s – and let’s face it even if she won’t – shakey leadership hold.

Meanwhile, Bill Shorten’s desperate, frantic attempts to shut HSU East up by way of placing the solvent organisation into administration has been held up in the federal court because the judge isn’t sure whether a state union can fall under his jurisdiction.

[Shorten] wants the court to approve a scheme for the appointment of an administrator “until democratic control of the branch can be restored”.

By “democratic control”, you can be sure than means until Kathy Jackson is kicked out and things can return to “normal” (but maybe “normal” will be a little different next time e.g. they’ll use cash from now on to pay for hookers).


Because it can get a bit confusing for us interested onlookers, a who’s who of the HSU.

H/T Cranky Old Crow

    • minicapt
    • May 4th, 2012

    Some disagreement with Obambi as well:


  1. May 3rd, 2012

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