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Friday Night Party Music

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Friday open forum

All the schools over here are putting on a sports day today, so there’s pretty much no time to post until later this afternoon.

In the meantime, say hello to Police Cat.

(Via JM. Thanks, mate.)


Got a bit of sunburn. WooHoo! Not as good a sprinter as I once was I found out. Not really surprised considering a big hobby is this here blog. I think I’ll be hurting in places I’d forgotten existed tomorrow… perfect way to spend our first wedding anniversary lol. Mentioned to lady bingbing the first anniversary is either paper or cotton depending whether you go on US or UK tradition (and vice versa the next year). Knowing that “paper” money is made using cotton, she played it safe and told me to just give her money. Jokes aside – I’m an ESL teacher, not Clive Palmer – maybe we’ll go out for a nice drive tomorrow. I tells ya, the weather is gorgeous at the moment (except for the yellow dust from China which you can’t actually make out except by the end of the day, everybody’s car is covered in it), so maybe we’ll go out, cruise around with the sunroof and windows open and find a restaurant somewhere. I swear to God, anyone who tells you a car is just to get from A to B obviously hasn’t been in a car they like. WOZ will mock, anyone with serious money will mock, but the Forte/Cerato Koup is a bloody nice drive.


Nice try by the ALP with A LOT of help from the SMH and probably the other Fairfax papers to try and pin Chris Pyne. Didn’t work, and even in a worst case scenario, it would have been like a splash in the bath tub compared to the tidal wave of question marks washing over Slipper and Shagger… and the rest of ’em. Seriously, it beggars belief how the gumnit survived this week, but I guess it’s like a terminal cancer patient surviving a while after they’ve been told they have terminal cancer.

A couple of things lost in the fuzz. Even with those new subs, however they go about it, I recall hearing we’ll still have around a decade before the new ones come online whereby we’ll be stuffed when it comes to the underwater boaty thingys. (Carpe?)

Guess Howard should have built some… for two reasons. The ALP government hasn’t been in power for a decade so you can’t pin it all on them AND last time Labor oversaw it, we got those dud Collins class ones (when Kim Beazley was Defence Minister running his portfolio out of the back bedroom of his sister [in-law’s?] house.)

Also, read somewhere on the android today they’re gonna cut the single parent allowance. Instead of being able to get it until the kid turns 16, now it’s gonna be until when the kid turns 8. The underlining reason (balancing that budget) may be wrong, but hey, it’s less welfare. đŸ™‚

That said, I’ve just sprinkled some hundreds and thousands on a giant fresh hot steamy stinking turd.

Apart from mining, the economy’s turning out to be even MORE sluggish. I guess with a giant useless carbon tax being whacked on everyone, people aren’t so gung ho to go out and buy Harvey Norman’s latest wide screen flat screen infinity smart voice activated telepathic television set.

Finally caught up on that ABC “I can change your mind about climate change” doco they put on… and the qanda forum they did afterwards. Meh, not bad in all, but both Minchin and Anna Rose missed a whole heap of arguments from their respective sides. Ho hum, when one has been following it reasonably closely for so many years, it feels kinda odd when OMG THAT is being presented as a new argument. People didn’t know THAT already???

But what really got me were the PURILE tweets sent in by warmist qanda tweeters. Duh, I didn’t study medicine but I trust my doctor.

Oh just fuck off and start playing with your poo again you moron!

Urrrr, my unborn grandson just called and said he wasn’t happy.

Then please, asshole, don’t try and talk to me about the science or the scientists.

OH, and that solar company pratt who wanted $34, yes, $34 BILLION over the next ten years to fund his solar panel whatever-the-hell-he’s-doing.

You want it, fuckface? Then go out to the business community and fucking get it. But no, oh no no, this slimeball wants it from the government. He wants taxpayer money, and he’s given himself a nice 10 year cushion.

Just die.

Funny also, that now the warmists have taken a new tack. It basically goes like, “well, we can keep on debating the science forever, but let’s try to find some common ground”. That’s code for they won’t debate the science anymore.

Nice timing, watermelons. Your quack scientific theories have been debunked by empirical data collected since you started going on about this, it’s proved you utterly WRONG, and now, conveniently, you want to move on from the science.


You want some common ground, well here’s some common ground. NO MORE SUBSIDIES. You make your stuff – and they ARE good ideas in principle – better and cheaper, or at least comparable, and we’ll use it!


You make Green technology work according to the principles of a Capitalist free market system and it’s all good.*

Capiche? You get the low carbon dioxide (and it’s carbon dioxide, not carbon, so quit being so sneaky) you want in order save the planet, and we get the cheap energy to fuel the thriving, independent free market we want… in order to save the people on it.

*Because it’s not capitalism (or democracy) you’re against, right?

Anyway, it’s time for a drink. A polar bear just ate a baby seal.

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