How inspirational: Obama’s vision of cradle to the grave welfare dependency

I’m not convinced Obama really understands what America is all about.

“Julia”” is apparently what Obama thinks Americans aspire to. From the age of three until 67, she can’t seem to get a leg up without government handouts.

The “Julia” video, dreamed up by one of Obama’s true believer campaign officers, is supposed to be a viral video espousing how wonderful it is that a big government is always there watching over you, giving you a helping hand… with other people’s money.

Look, I hate to draw the analogy, but the North Korean government also promotes how their Dead Dear Leader – oops, now it’s the “Great Successor” – benevolently gives his people all they need in life.

Naturally, the “other side” of politics is having a field day with this one.

In four short years, it’s as if Obama’s central theme has gone from “Yes we can” to “No You Can’t.”



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