Raid even more of our savings???

Sincerely. Please don’t.

THE government is being urged to raid a cash stash in its nation-building funds, including $1.7 billion still in the Building Australia Fund, to plug a huge hole in funding for key road, rail and port projects crucial to haul Australia’s productivity out of its slump.

In a report obtained exclusively by The Australian, Infrastructure Partnerships Australia calls on the government to use tomorrow’s budget to channel some of the money in the BAF to the states and territories to fund planning for projects, as there are still rail tracks without the standard gauge, safety concerns with more than 150 rail crossings in Melbourne alone, and highways that emergency services struggle to reach during floods.

I’m sick of having these arguments.

    • minicapt
    • May 7th, 2012

    Once upon a time, we had a business-friendly provincial government, all kinds of new infrastructure, and $200 million in the future projects fund. The time was 1973. Unfortunately , the voters decided we needed a change, so the NDP were given their chance. Three years later the savings were gone, the antibusiness groups were in full destroy mode, and the province now had a debt of $1 billion. I think socialists and their ilk should be flogged regularly and with vigour.


    • mabba
    • May 8th, 2012

    Sick of these arguments too. Parlt. will be a doozy when it meets today- if this were anywhere but Oz, surely the govt. would fall today (Slipper & Thomson) & we would be rescued from this futile budget- & feral govt.

    Nikki Savva in the ‘Oz’ today in top form- as is Piers Akerman’s Daily Telegraph blog (& of course Bolta & Tim Blair don’t disappoint either)…just hope Parlt. proceedings don’t massively disappoint (worse than the night before Xmas cos Santa may not deliver…)

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