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Marmot Mia! An anniversary gift!

I remember reader JM Heinrichs asking for my address a while back so he could send an anniversary gift. He’s retired, I’m in Korea, so I was pretty confident he wasn’t going to hunt me down despite his Army credentials.

When I think of danger, I think of North Korea having a spas-attack – maybe Kim Jong-un running out of cheeseburgers – not some retired Canadian Army bloke rearranging my wall paper with the latest French design gurus aka a convoy of tanks.

And with bloggers susceptible to being the first victims of the 24 hour news cycle, I hadn’t given it much thought after having sent that address along.

After all, I’m still waiting for Tim Blair to send my prize for winning the Peter Roebuck Great Summer Run Muster (and have moved since then anyway).

So, despite having a feeling about JM, it wasn’t as if I were expecting anything.

And then there was today.

Whilst at work, lady bingbing sent me a Kakao message (exact quote): “u got parcle from canada. whats this?”

“J.M. Heinrichs”

“its plush toy n camping tools”

“did u buy this?”

My reply…

“shit. he’s a reader on my blog! he would have sent it for our anniversary! wow!”



“say thank u to him”


“I definitely will!”

Absolutely stoked, JM! Thank you. Not surprised, but you certainly did remember a few, er, nervous posts last time that North Korean shit flared up.

And folks, he didn’t exactly send a hallmark card, either. There’s a genuine Swiss Army knife in there, a mini version for LBB (replete with nail file), a really handy iodine thingy for the water, and various tools to start fires not including a lighter (coz I know I’ve mentioned more than once enough information to infer there are always plenty of lighters about… sorry, Mum).

We already do have a portable gas cooker with extra propellant cans, torches, batteries, water containers but, really, are still hopelessly under-prepared if the proverbial really did break out with North Korea.

A long shot, but still a greater possibility than, say, the end of everything on December 21st this year.

That said, we are now, as of today, that little bit more prepared. And that little bit is all it can take sometimes.

You know, it’s hard in this day and age, when we can have almost anything we want, to know what to get people if one is so inclined.

Had JM sent over a hallmark card, we would have been stoked, but to send over stuff that is designed to save someone’s life in a tough situation…

… and you do have to keep this in mind when living so close to Pyeongyang…

That shit goes straight to my heart. It really does.

I know where you are, and if, if any shit actually does go down, here’s some stuff to help you live.

Water. Fire. Nail file.

Also sent over, was a bit of info on some guys I didn’t know were doing it THAT tough.

Now am I the only person, global warming skeptic person on the planet who isn’t completely pissed off that “deniers” must hate animals just because they don’t cop the Agenda 21, ICLEI, trace gas, socialist, NWO bullshit?



You’ve probably heard of them right?

I have thanks to a fantastic Korean/Waygook (foreigner) blog called the Marmot’s Hole.

Now these fuckers are kind of like the bilby, but kind of not like the bilby. I did an awesome (seriously) poster project on the bilby about 25 years ago. Yes, bilbies are rare but they’re doing OK (I’m not sayin’ open a bilby restaurant, but they’re doing fine).

Those little fuckn marmots aren’t.

For a start, bilby territory is vast.

Marmot territory isn’t.

Million dollar question:

How many?

50,000 like polar bears?

5 thou?

1 thou?


A hundred of these little fuckers exist today in the wild.


With 20 breeding females. That’s it. 20 bitches. Litter prizes probably simalar to… er, wait a minute, NOT similar to cats…

Do we really want Gaia’s brothel to go out of business?

I love cats, but at the expense of marmots?

That does seem a bit low.

There’s no normal reason on Earth why we can’t have big screen TVs AND cute furry creatures to watch on them.

Now I don’t know the exact details of what’s going on, and why, and how, when, and whodunnit, but 100 left in wild existence is pretty fucked up on anyone’s scale, right?

And it’s not like bilby shit where the search area is so vast. This is a tiny island.

It’s not a Golden Sun Moth – still a friggin’ moth – it’s a cute furry creature.

Dogs and cats are not the only cute, furry creatures on the planet.

Details are in the photo.


We’re doomed! Laugh, yes, but a billion people actually believe it

No wonder crocks like the man-made global warming scare have such an easy time getting a leg up…

(Reuters) – – Nearly 15 percent of people worldwide believe the world will end during their lifetime and 10 percent think the Mayan calendar could signify it will happen in 2012, according to a new poll.

You narcissistic wankers! Earth is 4.3 BILLION years old, in a universe 14 BILLION years old, but no, it’s all going to end in YOUR precious lifetime.

Give me a frickin’ break. How far do people’s heads have be wedged up their own arses to think their pathetic life is so important that literally the cosmos will stop during their blip of an existence?

But what really get’s me is the 15%. That’s around a BILLION people.

A billion people all walking round thinking the end is nigh (and acting at least somewhat in accordance?) Billion years, schmillion years… nup, it’s all going down sometime in the next 50 years or so, during mmmmyyy lifetime.


It’s times like this one is reminded the human race is at where it’s at because of a few people – the Caesars, the da Vincis, the Einsteins – that it’s not some kind of mass Borg-like super consciousness that has propelled our advancement ever forwards.

Businesses aren’t made up of working mums and dads?

Bolta’s done a good wrap-up of what all the usual suspects have to say about the federal budget handed down last night. The over-riding theme is that it’s taking money from business and giving it to working families.

This isn’t money just being withheld from big business like greedy banks and evil mining companies, but also small and medium businesses.

Especially in the case of small business which does a great deal to power the Australian economy, but also with medium and large, aren’t these businesses made up of people?

Or is it just evil corporations?

By withholding business tax cuts, isn’t that still taking food off the tables of working families, particularly so in the case of small owner-operator businesses?

But even with the bigger businesses, wouldn’t this also translate to deferred pay rises, reduced or static benefits, longer hours away from the home etc. in order to make up for a likely unanticipated balance sheet shortfall?

Isn’t the Gillard government, in effect, taking money away from working people only to give back (probably less) to working people?

A big useless money-go-round?

Yet another piece of spin?

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