Businesses aren’t made up of working mums and dads?

Bolta’s done a good wrap-up of what all the usual suspects have to say about the federal budget handed down last night. The over-riding theme is that it’s taking money from business and giving it to working families.

This isn’t money just being withheld from big business like greedy banks and evil mining companies, but also small and medium businesses.

Especially in the case of small business which does a great deal to power the Australian economy, but also with medium and large, aren’t these businesses made up of people?

Or is it just evil corporations?

By withholding business tax cuts, isn’t that still taking food off the tables of working families, particularly so in the case of small owner-operator businesses?

But even with the bigger businesses, wouldn’t this also translate to deferred pay rises, reduced or static benefits, longer hours away from the home etc. in order to make up for a likely unanticipated balance sheet shortfall?

Isn’t the Gillard government, in effect, taking money away from working people only to give back (probably less) to working people?

A big useless money-go-round?

Yet another piece of spin?

    • mabba
    • May 9th, 2012

    Very perceptive, bing. ‘Oz’ leads with “Smash the rich, save the base”. Trouble is, as you have perceived, Wayne can’t even identify his base. He doesn’t realise that the majority who vote LNP are NOT rich and are not impressed, but we do believe in fair distribution of money earned, not redistribution of money to be pissed up against the wall. We do like balanced budgets, not one where expenditure like the NBN is disguised as “assets’, and unearned HO’s are distributed a few weeks before 30 June, so as not to appear on next year’s balance sheet, and other expenses are pushed out to 2014+, & the borrowing limit has been raised by $50 billion… Am not too au fait with all this macro economics, but I gather the real state of the books is revealed on Sept.30 2013…but there will be an election before then, even if they call it themselves, just to keep the figures hidden.

    Re elections: how weaselly are Windbag & Jokeshott? After not supporting 14 day suspension of Thomson in parlt yesterday, they’re now ‘considering their options’ !!! Have their electorates ruptured their eardrums overnight?? Bah, humbug…

  1. May 10th, 2012

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