Are our cops taking cues from the Taliban or something?

I know they have a tough and often thankless job, but the following simply is not on.

POLICE used innocent motorists as human shields to block a speeding car during a wild police pursuit.

No kidding.

Motorist David Rendina, who had his two children aged 8 and 9 in the car, said police ordered him into the emergency lane about 1km before the Western Ring Road, near Epping, exit as they blocked the road using cars as human road blocks.

“I was a sitting duck,” he told ABC radio this morning.

The fleeing motorist, who is now in police custody, tried to squeeze through Mr Rendina, crashing into his car and then another three cars in the emergency lane.

You know, cops have come up with other methods to stop speeding cars rather than using innocent civilians.

Because when I hear of humans being used as shields, I think of low-life Taliban terrorists or Palestinians hiding in schools, launching rockets over the border and then blaming Israel.

So obviously, it was a stupid mistake, right?

Victoria Police has defended the decision to use motorists as “rolling roadblocks” but are reviewing the latest cop chase.

Yes. They’ve defended it. Genius!

Assistant Commissioner Fontana said if the car was not stopped a fatality was a high chance.

Especially if you force a man with his two young kids in the car to purposely get in the way of some asshole going 200km/h.

Also of note is that Ass.Comm. Fontana said if he were asked to do the same, he’d refuse.

I won’t go as far to say it was an abuse of power, but there’s no way something like this should ever happen again. I really hope it was only the cops involved, and that they’re taught better methods (no, not fired), and that – please no – using us as human shields isn’t actually in their effing manual.

It isn’t, right???

    • The Wizard of WOZ
    • May 18th, 2012

    I think this is a fantastic idea with one major modification.

    Forget the average ordinary car driver. Cover the insurance money and get the truckies on the two way.

    You guys have simply no idea the malice truck drivers share toward the average road user. If you can channel that rage with the two way radio, there is no reason you cant simply pancake the crim between a couple of late night truckies. ]

    If we dont have to worry about the paper work, we’ll most happily turn todays 9th near miss into a ‘fuck I’m glad that wasn’t me…”

    The truckies will feel calm for hours, and the ambo guys can just rock up in a ute with a shovel.

    Its Win : Win…

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