So, bribes can work

Bit of a shame really, and with our deficit climbing at around $2 billion per week, how many times will the Gillard government be able to bribe itself into some (short term?) popularity?

Labor’s targeted cash handouts to lower-income earners in the budget saw the government’s popularity jump to 30 per cent of the primary vote, up from 27 per cent last fortnight.

A bit of a shame because as adults, we should be able to see past expensive gimmicks.

    • minicapt
    • May 16th, 2012

    Or …


    • I guess he really does think he was the change he was waiting for.

  1. On the brighter side, the rise of 3% suggests that 97% of the voters have woken up to this government’s tricks.
    With Labor’s record since 2007 you can expect the Handout Minnow to be soon swallowed by the Gargantuan Cost Whale.

    • Mmm, whaaaaale. Do they serve that in German gaols, or just sauerkraut?

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