Where’s bing?

Right here. That’s where.

But seriously. Where is the reason not to take a break now? Considering the position?

Is there seriously any more any one has to do to get rid of this government? Whatever it may be, it certainly aint coming from this end.

So we wait.

But why bother waiting? Until something interesting, ACTUALLY POLITICAL, comes up again…

We amuse ourselves in other ways.

Speaking of which…

Still got a long ways to go…

Tell ya what. That was a damn wellgood asian pizza.

Taoist hermit supernatural powers food, bitches.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • May 23rd, 2012

    Let these incompetant boobs go to full term. The electoral rout will be a delight to behold and should keep these ineptocrats away from the levers of power until my, and Lady Jugs unborn grandkids are pensioners.

    Short term pain for a loooooonnnngg term gain.

    • Too true. But perhaps you can understand why I’m taking a break of sorts. These fucks aint worth the time.

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