Internet download limits? Cut the crap, Australia


With the latest greatest NBN coming in…

You still have download limits?

Er, charges.

What a rip.

  1. I mean, really. Who the FUCK has a download limit??? I’ll tell you. NO ONE fucking does! I’ve heard Canada does. And their recovering from polar bear wankerism, too.

    Quite well, I might add.

    Petro chemical state assholes, so why not us????

    It’s such a money-sucking measure. Fuck our internet? Fuck you Conroy. Fuck you Teltsra.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • May 24th, 2012

    ‘Tis a scam.

    I have my 50GB month and still haven’t managed to use it all yet. I could ‘upgrade’ to 200GB for the same price, but the phone and mobile plan would increase in price, so I leave it all alone.

    • Try living overseas. No idea how much crap I download, but I’d say it’s quite alot, yet could well be within that 50 gig range. Notwithstanding, it’s simply ridiculous, in the Information Age, that Australia has these archaic parameters. In a more literal sense, as a blogger, I worry about how much video to put on the blog, and blog readers worrying about whether they should click, lest they exceed that download limit.

    • Danny
    • December 3rd, 2012

    I have Optus 120gb and go over just about every month, I am originally from Philadelphia and had Xfinity(Comcast) Internet which was way cheaper and unlimited and about 3x faster, Dammit!! a line and chat)

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