Left alone

If “independent” former labor MP, the embattled Craig Thomson wants to be left alone, he should leave parliament.

  1. Quite so.

    • Merilyn
    • May 27th, 2012

    You are correct. The sooner the better.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • May 28th, 2012

    He shouldn’t just leave.

    He should be mocked and derided as he leaves parliament for the disservice he has done to his constituents and for the (basically) theft of HSU members funds to pay for ladies of negotiable virtue.

    • mabba
    • May 29th, 2012

    How about just painstakingly refuting each of the FWA findings (with evidence of course), not smearing other people under parliamentary privilege, and willingly cooperating with the police with alacrity? Surely he wants to set the record straight & defend himself for the sake of his family?- oh, & for the reassurance of the thousands of low paid HSU workers & even the beloved unions whose names have been dragged through the mud with his??? (Ah, but ‘Brutus was an honorable man’… wasn’t he?) WTF???

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