1/3 hour of power

So, over here in SK, we just went through a twenty minute “emergency drill” to get us all ready for potential summer blackouts due to electricity shortages (No, no. This is South Korea. No, not the one with the fat dictator. The other one).

Apparently, all government departments as well as schools were supposed to turn off the electricity at 2pm as a kind of public awareness campaign to not use up too much electricity over the summer, partly because the new power plants won’t be up and running until 2014, but also to, you know, save the planet.

This also ties in with the “Cool Biz” program that encourages everyone to wear shorts and short sleeved shirts to work, and for the ladies to wear bikinis (OK, so I made that last part up).

So what actually happened here? Well, the air raid siren from the nearby army base went off. A few seconds later, another air raid siren started blasting through the school’s PA system. Then various speakers came over the PA telling everyone, presumably, about polar bears being massacred. Then whilst those lectures were still going at full volume, the air raid siren started up again from the army base. Then the school’s air raid siren started up again. A few more words, some beep boop sound, and that was that.

No, the power wasn’t turned off.

After we all save the planet, what then? And how will we know when it’s been saved?



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