Click the image for a larger view.

Inspired by s_dog, who uploaded the original pic, and whose editing is in yellow.


Reader gregoryno6 has received some caaaaash. How about other readers? It’s a bit hard to know any other way from over here.

  1. I received the Schoolkids Bonus last Thursday—my share of $409 and $818 for my two sons—the younger in primary school, and the elder of high school age but taught at home—which, by the way, is far more that the annual expenses for all school-related costs, though I do buy a lot of books); I received a “household assistance payment” of $250.00 with my pension at the beginning of the month; and I received a “household assistance payment” of $124.10 in my family assistance payment in May.
    None of this would make me vote for this incompetent and corrupt Government.
    See “I’s Cash for You”.

    • elsie
    • June 23rd, 2012

    Here’s a song to go with it (via Twitter)


    • Love it! Thanks for linking.

      PS no6, feel free to link whore anytime.

      • I’ve just walked in halfway through a conversation. Not unusual, except this time I was apparently a participant…

      • I’ve added one mix of the song, with more to come, to the blog.

    • Lady Jugulum
    • June 23rd, 2012

    Julia ookiosewada onara atawa ama, achike julia. Kurisu (Carpe) Tax bill.

    • I don’t speak Japanese but I’m guessing that doesn’t translate to, “Julia is the bestest PM, ever.”

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