It’s Thursday

Coming form “Thor’s day”, that’s where we’re at (*we’ve had movies lately, fuck, everyone knows who Thor is, right?).

The romance languages, namely Italian, French and some other bastards, name it after Jupiter.

Same shit, different pile if you ask me.

On this occasion we scrapped the Latin crap because English is a Germanic language.

Kinda makes the wars seem funny, right? But makes sense when you realise the Queen is a middle class German frau.

Fat ankles.


Move over to Korea and we get: Mok-yo-il.

“Yo-il” means “day”, so it’s “Mok-day”.

Except “mok” means “neck” , so…

Thursday is Neckday in Korea.

Happy Neckday!


“mok” also means “tree” in Korean. (trunk?)

Breathe easy, hippies…

    • J.M. Heinrichs
    • July 5th, 2012

    Tree, like one more than tu, one less than fo’.


    • Fo’ sho’. Hit it, wigga.

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