The Snowy Mountain Scheme: what Labor giveth, Labor taketh away

Quite astonishing that Julia Gillard likened her carbon tax to the Snowy Mountain scheme insofar at how momentous it is.

It’s funny because the Snowy Mountain Hydro scheme is on her bucket list of the top 250 “big polluders”.

The Snowy Mountain scheme was started by Labor, and yet it is Labor driving the first nail into its coffin.

And wasn’t hydro electricity meant to be pretty clean and green, anyway?

What a farce. And it doesn’t end there.

Remember when it was 1000 companies that would have to pay? And then it was watered down to 500? And now it’s 250?

And mere days in, there’s talk of that $23 per tonne being watered down to $15.

It makes you wonder if this government has a clue about what it stands for, and what it’s doing.

Thus, business is left most uncertain, as if penalising the big polluders engines of Australia wasn’t enough (and no, they don’t trust Abbott, either).

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • July 6th, 2012

    I’m thinking, please go away, Julia. Don’t come back and make sure you take your mates with you.

    The new format is a nice change. Lets hope for some political change to take place sooner rather than later, too.

    • Thanks. It’s more functional IMHO, but perhaps a tad less personalised. Other sacrifices include not having the tags visible, nor the exact time of posts and comments there, but I think that’s neither here nor there and importantly, it still complies with the clean cut black and white style I like. Also, it is likely easier to make out for those without 20/20 vision, and the bit I love the most is that the comments section is far easier to navigate, and it has that quote gizmo now, also.

  1. She’ll certainly go away given enough time, but while she’s there, how much damage is being done to Australia’s reputation?

    We just witnessed the president of Indonesia telling Gillard – and therefore us – to basically go and get fucked.

    No respect, and who can blame him?

    No respect from these boat people, either.

    And getting back to this thread’s topic, how much damage is being done to Australian business, and the hard working men, women and their families behind that?

    • techapilla
    • July 6th, 2012

    White background much easier to read, BB.

    • No worries.

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