I has a sad

I believe the problem isn’t so much school bullying (which sucks but we all deal with it), as it is too much school.

On top of school, most Korean middle school students have five to six hours of after school academies.

Korean high school students are crammed into cram schools until after midnight.

A high-school student was found dead over the weekend in front of his apartment building here in an apparent suicide, police said Monday, in what would be the eighth such case in six months in the city of Daegu over school violence.

    • Carpe Jugulum
    • July 12th, 2012

    Yes it is very sad, but the competitive nature in getting a further education in SE Asia leads to an enormous amount of pressure on kids (because that is all they are) to succeed academically.

    Lady Jugs spent a year at a prep college to get accepted to Today whilst she was studying full time in Kobe. The pressure to do well is immense. Lady jugs had an advantage because she was a natural scholar, but so many students would spend 1 or 2 years in a prep school just to do the entrance exam.

    That is probably one of the few things i dislike about Japan, the pressure that is placed on, what are basically teenagers, to study until they fall asleep to get into a “good” school is a stress no kid should have to go through.

    However, i’ll hedge my bet on this mainly because parents want the apple of their eye to do well. (unfortunately a number of parents live vicariously through their childs accomplishmets).

  1. Bing, your comments add some detail to this item I heard via News Radio – Korean families chase their dreams in the US.

    • What really bugs me, is that for a few hours there was a paradigm shift into their approach to education. Then they went back to the old ways.

      What do?

  2. When I first thought about coming here, my cousin’s grandfather,a Duntroon general no less, mentioned that out of all the people he’d had to deal with, by God the Koreans were the most difficult.

    By God, he got that fucking right. It’s why I stayed and even married one.

    Just look at the North Korea conundrum. As God is my Witness, I will figure these cunts out and fix them.

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