So lady bingbing and yours truly went to the school today to sort out the business end of things; proof of employment, tax stuff, apartment stuff etc.

Anyway, they apologised profusely, reprimanded the fuck out of that co-teacher, begged me to finish the contract which entails four more days of work, a few half days of summer camp, a paid vacation, next Friday off, and all in all about seven grand.

Oh, and not a fucking word from that co-teacher, or anyone.

Fukn eh.


Heck, there’s time…



Welcome to Asia, welcome to Korea. They’ve called back and are doing what we asked for originally. Just leave, and be paid for the work already done. đŸ™„

    • mabba
    • July 13th, 2012

    Surely you agreed to all the entitlements! And maybe even reconsidered altogether? You’d be shown the door in Qld. And if you do reconsider, be charming & allow them to save some face- and if you leave, still allow them to save face- nobody here in Qld would ever beg anyone, esp a govt. employee. And you always need a good reference from the last place of employment.

    • Sean of Deer Park
    • July 13th, 2012

    Sounds like a good outcome, BB. LBB seems very happy with the situation, which is brilliant.

    Now I’ll pop on FBS and get cooking. It’s bloody cold here at the moment and I think some comfort food is in order. A good cooking day. Maybe chicken wrapped in ham (Oregano, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic) with scalloped potatoes, green beans and baked cauliflower in cheese sauce… and wine. Did I mention wine! The Ouzo bottle is looking a little empty for a Friday. Bourbon will have to do. đŸ˜†
    (where did I put my favourite wine glass?)

  1. Everything except the green beans.

    • Childhood trauma…

        • philjourdan
        • July 13th, 2012

        “Childhood trauma…”

        Why I cannot eat Sweet and Sour pork to this day.

        Good on you. I hope things continue to go well.

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