Friday Night Party Music

Do you want the bad news first, or the good?

An old mate from high school had to suffer through a range of medical issues his entire life. There was so much he was never able to do, but you never heard the bloke complain. I don’t think there’s anyone he met whose heart wasn’t truly touched. He was an inspiration to anyone who knew him.

Today, his poor body finally gave out. Not that we’d met in years, but thanks to Facebook, most of us all keep in touch from time to time. RIP, Doogs.

But such is the cycle of life, another mate is expecting his first born over the weekend, or perhaps Monday. 🙂

Anyway, it’s 28 degrees, so this room is sufferable tonight, and being Friday, LBB isn’t putting the clamps on the, er, refreshments.

So without further ado, here’s Hardwell at UMF – the Ultra Music Festival. They just rolled into Seoul last weekend. Unfortunately, yours truly couldn’t make it (and besides, LBB hates the stuff), but I thought in light of the best festival probably to hit Korea this year, I’d at least chuck some on.


And here’s Chuckie in Korea.

Of course, consider this an open thread of sorts, also.a


I believe this may be appropriate.

I think these pricks just made me finally love dubstep. I don’t know whether to be supremely pissed off, ripped off, or happy…


Next time, perhaps

But it’s late, we all need to relax, and need a damn fukn beat, the 1234.

Asking an Ultra Sonic junkie to dig dub?

  1. Hardwell – what a revelation.
    I never knew the Amish were such party animals!

    • Bro. You didn’t know? They party like it’s 1899!

  2. Talk about having a blast of a time…

    Anyone else thinking ‘car bomb gone wrong’?

      • minicapt
      • August 12th, 2012

      Or excessive consumption of elderly burritos.


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