After all that, Labor considers opening Nauru again

Of course, the Nauru detention centre for illegal boat arrivals should never have been closed. Our borders wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the world, and up to 1000 people would still be alive, albeit not in Australia but at least alive.

Oh remember how PM Gillard huffed and puffed in feigned moral outrage at a policy that – let’s face it – worked.

SENIOR Labor figures are exploring a dramatic shift on asylum-seeker policy to reopen the Nauru processing centre as part of a two-stage proposal that could trigger the government’s Malaysia Solution if the first step does not stop boat arrivals.

More than a boat a day sometimes. It’s about time Labor woke up and stopped playing politics with people’s dreams and lives.

The (yet another) committee has handed down its report. Do something!

    • paul
    • August 13th, 2012

    Are people taking these risks to be smuggled result of time spent on waiting lists ?

    A popular objection to boat arrivals is queue jumping…

    Do we need waiting lists for refugees to be more public ?

    eg ReferenceNumber, Name(may be hidden), Where First Register, When First Register, Priority Rating, (what other details ?)

    Anonymous public waiting list enables all see wait times on lists for various locations and/or ReferenceNumbers if follow progress.

    Some ReferenceNumbers or locations may show where need answers from government about delays.

    IF seek assist listed persons can assist persons higher on waiting lists to reduce time spent waiting, thus deter queue jumpers.


    BTW known many refugees, accept sometimes jumping on a boat is safest option, however still to be persuaded many current arrivals needed arrive Australia by boat rather than plane.

    • Basically, my understanding is they don’t want to wait and/or be rejected. So when Gillrudd changed the laws, it was game on and bugger the poor bastards who don’t have 10K or more handy.

    • paul
    • August 16th, 2012

    Pleased hearing the clear message those jumping queue will NOT be processed then arrive quicker than those following correct procedures and waiting their turn in the queue.

    IF they were honest so admit they made wrong decision canceling this approach, were fixing the problem they had created they would at least be getting credit for admitting their mistakes.

    People who admit their mistakes are a lot easier to deal with.

    • And then along came the Parsifal…

    • I’m guessing you fellas have had a gut with unwanted immigration… ;-P

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